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In the first year of the 11th Five Year Plan in 2006, experts look forward to the packaging economy (VIII)

Wei Dajin (Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association)

Guangdong Packaging Association strengthens its sense of service, carefully organizes enterprises, and is determined to make achievements in technological innovation and the development of new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, so as to contribute to the realization of the great goal of "powerful packaging country"

The year 2005 is of great historical significance in the development of our country. After summing up the experience and lessons since the reform and opening up, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council put forward the new concept of "scientific concept of development". This has important guiding significance for the development of all walks of life, and of course, the packaging industry is no exception

"scientific development concept" is embodied in "people-oriented", "circular economy", "saving society" and other aspects. In the packaging industry, there are many positive and negative examples that need us to study and solve. For example, when studying the solution to the problem of excessive packaging of moon cakes, we must follow the principle of the "scientificoutlookondevelopment". In addition, the emergence of foamed plastic tableware and plastic film packaging bags, which are strongly reflected in the society, should be seen as a kind of progress. They are convenient and cheap, so that consumers can get tangible benefits. But on the other hand, their waste does cause damage to the environment. Simply banning use, production and sales will not solve the problem. How to solve it? The management measures of Shanghai for disposable plastic tableware have given us a lot of enlightenment. They have injected recycling value into the packaging waste that is not worth money, thus greatly improving the recycling rate. It can not only basically solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also process the recycled waste into usable industrial raw materials. This approach is a "win-win" approach, with both consumers and the government satisfied

Guangdong outsourcing association has put forward the proposal of learning from Shanghai to relevant leaders in the province in 2005, and strive to implement it in 2006. Can this method also be applied to plastic bags and other packaging products that are not easy to recycle? At the beginning of taking office, Shi Wanpeng, President of China Packaging Federation, put forward the strategic goal of "transforming China from a 'big packaging country' to a 'powerful packaging country'. A powerful packaging country is to have a large number of new packaging technologies, materials, processes and products with independent intellectual property rights. In 2006, we should cooperate with our counterparts in the packaging industry, strengthen technological innovation, strive for more and better results, and make contributions to the great goal of "powerful packaging country"

Jin Guobin (Professor of Shanghai University)

the packaging machinery industry came prepared, focusing on efforts to overcome low-level repeated construction and disorderly competition; The development of packaging machinery focuses on working efficiency, resource utilization and improving product performance

current problems in China's packaging machinery industry

since 1999, packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery manufacturing industry. After 2001, the output value of packaging machinery accounted for about 9% of the total output value of the packaging industry, and China has become a major producer and consumer of packaging machinery. However, the export volume of China's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value of Chartered aircraft

there has been a lot of low-level repetition and disorderly competition in China's packaging machinery industry, and there is no fundamental change at present. In addition to corrugated box machinery and small packaging machinery, China's packaging machinery has certain advantages, others are not systematic and scale. Liquid filling production lines, complete sets of equipment for beverage packaging containers, sterile packaging production lines, cigarette production lines and so on are almost monopolized by several large foreign companies. At present, the deadline for the registration of Chinese participants is July 10, 2016. The technical content of packaging machinery is not high, and there are few applications of remote control, on-site monitoring, servo technology, automatic flexible compensation, laser technology, digital information technology, etc. The introduction of foreign packaging machinery is more, and the introduction of advanced technology is less. XC90 is the first model produced on Volvo's "scalable vehicle platform architecture (referred to as' SPA '), a new global platform, which lacks organized and conscious digestion and research. The research and development expenses of Chinese enterprises account for less than 1% of the total sales, there is no long-term technical reserve, and there are few independent advanced technologies

development ideas of China's packaging machinery

looking at the development of the international packaging industry, the main drivers of promoting the technological development of the packaging industry are the change of economic situation, the change of population structure, market differentiation, consumption and market safety considerations, the development of packaging materials and container products, the progress of packaging machinery and equipment, digital technology, electronic combination technology, etc

the most desired packaging mechanical properties of users in the future can be summarized as follows: good flexibility and combination; High operating speed; Less labor time (including maintenance and modification); High degree of automation; High reliability; Small floor space; Save resources. To this end, Chinese packaging machinery enterprises must pay attention to the adoption of various steps. 1. We take the installation of stretching fixtures as an example (divided into upper and lower fixtures) and strive to develop the application of machinery, electronics, gas-liquid, biology, light, magnetism, etc. in packaging. Focus on working efficiency, resource utilization, resource saving and high performance, and eliminate a number of products with high consumption and low efficiency. As a modern manufacturing industry, we must speed up the information transformation of the industry

the development of product technology should be refined, not big and complete. We should learn from enterprises in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries. Although the enterprise is small, it is very specialized. Under the guidance of national policies, the product structure is adjusted and reorganized, and the serialized and specialized production is implemented

the varieties of packaging machinery with strong market demand are molding/filling/sealing soft packaging machines (suitable for liquids, powders and particles), large beer and beverage filling lines (with an annual output of more than 100000 tons, including packing, unloading, sterilization, labeling, cleaning and other auxiliary equipment), automatic weighing and weight checking, foreign matter removal filling machines, commodity wrapping and auxiliary machinery of all kinds of paper and plastic materials, Small and large-scale automatic continuous binding machines (fruits, vegetables, industrial products, raw materials), fully enclosed integrated aseptic packaging system, vacuum and regulating atmosphere packaging machine (large and medium-sized, small bags, high speed), 2000mm wide corrugated board high-speed automatic production line, multi-layer heavy corrugated board production line, micro corrugated board production line, environmental protection and energy-saving packaging materials and product processing machinery, Modern processing and packaging equipment for Chinese and Western medicines, and processing and packaging equipment for grain and edible oil (increasing at a rate of 20% - 30% every year)

Wang Qiang (Professor of Wuhan University)

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China's packaging and printing ushered in development opportunities and faced challenges. The key is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce redundancy and enhance competitiveness in innovation through digital technology

I. development opportunities of packaging and printing in China

1. The global demand for packaging and printing continues to grow. Relevant information shows that the global packaging and printing industry will maintain a sustained growth of 5% - 12%. The specific reasons are: first, economic globalization has promoted the borderless circulation of products and expanded the new demand for product appearance; Secondly, the rapid development of social economy has improved the purchasing power of all levels of society and stimulated new consumption desires; Third, the changes in media and technology have accelerated the launch of new products and new packaging, and promoted the formation of new demand

2. The domestic market is increasingly prosperous and the product competition is increasingly fierce. China's rapid economic development continues to improve people's purchasing power and the production capacity of products. The fierce competition of products at all levels, especially the increasingly picky packaging, promotes the continuous introduction of new equipment, new technology, new processes and new materials to make more exquisite packaging and printing products

3. Continuous innovation of new technology, new equipment and new process. At present, the printing of packaging and printing products is gradually developing from four-color to multi-color, from manual operation to mechanical operation. The impact testing machine is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load, and the testing instrument is developing from decentralized processing to integrated product line processing. Packaging and printing is also transforming from traditional supporting processing to product production and service

II. Challenges faced by China's packaging and printing

China's packaging and printing is facing new challenges in the continuous improvement of living standards, the fundamental changes in the concept and demand of mass consumption, and the diversified demand for printing quality

1. The requirements for printing quality are constantly improving. With the digitalization and networking of information dissemination means and methods, China's packaging and printing industry has integrated end users, product designers and printing producers into a complete product chain. However, their understanding and expression of packaging and printing products are inconsistent, especially in the increasingly harsh nitpicking on the quality details of packaging and printing products. How to reproduce high fidelity colors, perfect levels and clear details is the biggest challenge facing China's packaging and printing industry

2. The continuous expansion of packaging and printing production capacity. In the new century, China's packaging and printing has introduced a large number of high-capacity equipment and technology with digital control, which has triggered a new era of fierce competition in packaging and printing. However, many packaging and printing enterprises lack prediction and preparation in the face of this rapidly changing challenge, do not have an effective response strategy, and there are still many problems to be solved

3. Innovation of operation and management mode. China's packaging and printing industry is transforming from a traditional supporting processing system to an open product production system. It is also facing multiple pressures caused by the rapid economic and social development to optimize quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and expand value-added services. It is also facing the challenge of how to choose from passively adapting users to actively guiding users, and how to obtain development opportunities with technological innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation

in short, in 2006, China's packaging and printing industry will realize the reduction of time, cost and personnel redundancy through digital technology in the new development opportunities and challenges, find new value-added means to establish its core competitiveness, and create a new year of beautifying life

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source: China's packaging industry

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