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Juniper research: the top ten forecasts of the global mobile industry in 2012

juniper research believes that although the mobile industry is difficult to get rid of the adverse impact of the overall economic environment, it is much less affected than other industries

in 2012, the global economic environment will be full of uncertainty. Influenced by such interrelated factors as high-level government debt, low interest rates, rising unemployment and declining consumer purchasing power, it is optimistically estimated that the global economy will maintain low or zero growth for a long time, and more likely, there will be a slight recession. Although in general, the telecommunications industry, especially the mobile industry, is difficult to get rid of the adverse impact of the overall economic environment, its impact is much smaller than that of other industries. The following juniper research provides an assessment of the development trend of each segment of the mobile industry in the coming year and the impact of the overall economic environment. 1. Plastic shrinkage and its influencing factors

1. The economic downturn may hit the sales of smart terminals

the weak economic environment is likely to have an adverse impact on the sales of smart and tablet computers, especially for devices without subsidies. Juniper research believes that the impact of intelligence will be significantly lower than that of tablet computers, because the former has become an almost necessary terminal for consumer users. In addition, the impact will also be reduced in areas with high equipment penetration, such as Western Europe. The biggest impact is on the high-end tablet computer market, whose sales will stagnate or even decline

2. The London Olympic Games will accelerate the development of mobile advertising and mobile gambling and start NFC deployment

although NFC has failed to win the key development driving force in mature markets in Asia, it is believed that the London Olympic Games will provide a better opportunity for service providers such as Lloyds TSB, Samsung and visa to deploy NFC solutions. Therefore, we are likely to witness the massive deployment and application of NFC during the Olympic Games

3. mobile coupons will help the mobile commerce market resist the impact of the sluggish economic environment

there are obvious signs that with the deteriorating global economic environment, consumers are using coupons for discount shopping more and more widely. Juniper research believes that the severe financial environment will actually stimulate this trend and become a key driving force for the development of the mobile coupon market, and the mobile commerce market, which has already used mobile coupons on a large scale, will also accelerate its development

4. 2012 - the year of 4-core processors

If 2011 is the year of dual core devices, 2012 will usher in high-end devices equipped with 4-core processors. ASUS is the first person to "eat crabs". It has released EEE pad products, equipped with the 4-core processor Tegra 3 just released by NVIDIA in November 2011. Qualcomm has also added 4-core chips to its snapdragon product line. The 4-core processor can not only improve the performance, but also prolong the service life of the battery. The improvement of performance comes from the improvement of multi task processing efficiency - the processor can process more threads at the same time, which ensures that users can enjoy music more smoothly while playing games or taking photos; The relatively low core clock rate of 4-core processors can greatly save battery energy consumption. These improvements will benefit many industries: game developers can add more realistic effects to their games, thus bringing users an experience similar to that of a special portable game console; Web developers can add more JavaScript and flash to their designed pages and applications 8 will bring Nokia back to life and disrupt the tablet market pattern

Microsoft's next-generation operating system will support both Intel and arm platforms, which means that it can run on both PC and mobile terminals. This will bring an extremely huge terminal ecosystem for application developers - from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops. As the new operating system will replace the windows 7 operating system that has not been optimized for tablets, Microsoft is expected to gain more market share in the tablet market. At the same time, as Nokia is transferring its existing products (SMART) and new products (probably including tablet computers) to Microsoft's platform, the giant of the terminal market will eventually return. Of course, it may take several years to adhere to the administration according to law

6. There will be noticeable malware attacks against mobile terminals in 2012

although there have been many malware attacks against mobile terminals, their scale is still small compared with malware attacks against desktop computers and laptops. But this situation is difficult to continue, because consumer intelligence and tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular, which also provides more opportunities for cybercrime

it is expected that several remarkable global malware attacks against different mobile platforms will occur in 2012, which will enable mtmarion to provide nearly 130000 tons of lithium concentrate in the first half of the year. Most consumers realize that they must install security software to protect their intelligent terminal devices

7. MEMS will change the sensor market of mobile terminals

mems (micro electro mechanical system) is increasingly becoming a necessary function on smart and tablet computers, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, not only because of its high cost performance, but also because its integrated processing capacity can significantly improve the position sensing ability of terminals

8. Social games will be popular on mobile platforms

2012 will be a year of explosive growth of mobile social games. Because users are ready for this, we need to know that millions of people are playing games like "Farmville" and "The Sims social" on PCs every day. The release of the mobile version of Facebook platform means that developers can easily distribute their applications on the mobile platform without providing local applications and using Facebook APIs to join the sharing and payment functions. Cross platform capabilities will allow social games to spread more widely on mobile platforms

social games are inherently multiplayer and asynchronous game mode - users play games sequentially by receiving notifications. By increasing the ability to interact with friends in real time (such as IOS 5), it will be very attractive to users who want to get a new social experience

9. online stores, mobile stores and physical stores will begin to integrate into a unified retail market

with more and more users taking intelligence as an integral part of their shopping path, retailers are expected to develop mobile stores to meet this trend. As a bridge between the upper storefront and the physical storefront, mobile storefront can bring consumers a seamless shopping experience, thus helping retailers attract and retain consumers. Now retailers have begun to try to provide samples or pictures of goods with QR code in crowded places to compete with physical stores. On the contrary, it is expected that those smaller physical store retailers will also expand their influence through mobile channels, such as increasing the traffic of their stores by distributing personalized mobile coupons

10. mobile cloud services will drive the development of collaborative communications

the number of consumers using smartphones and tablets has increased sharply. Accordingly, employees will bring their own smart terminals to the enterprise for use more and more, Therefore, it can be expected that the sharp growth in the use of smart terminals in 2012 (including the smart or tablet computers equipped by enterprises for employees) will promote and accelerate the development of collaborative communication between employees. In particular, it is believed that in 2012, a large number of enterprises will make new breakthroughs in their own development and business strategies. A batch of high-end metal structural materials and special functional materials will turn to the social business model with mobile as the core. Communication world

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