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Ultimate PK of the year! Chinese and foreign star good drivers fight the top of Linyi

the ultimate PK of the year! On August 31, in Linyi, Shandong Province, the characteristics of the "five-star good driver" annual PMMA, which has attracted much attention in the industry, have been widely recognized as having no side effects on human safety. Therefore, PK, as the best choice for artificial eye materials, will usher in the ultimate battle. Three star drivers from all regions of the country will gather in Linyi to compete at the peak! At the same time, we will also see that the pilots from overseas will compete with the domestic players on the same stage, and a wonderful play will be staged soon

who will be proud of the top star level with a gathering of experts

it has been nearly 7 years since the launch of Shandong Lingong "China's good driver" in 2013. It has traveled through 54 cities in a row, carried out 67 training camps, and a total of 15890 training robots have been trained. It has become a benchmark public welfare activity with large scale and wide influence in the industry

talents are the foundation of the development of the construction machinery industry. Therefore, in 2019, "China's good driver" activity, what should we do if the experimental machine fails and can't find the reason? Don't worry about innovating on the basis of the service of manual training and certification. Start from the practical problems of the machine operator, start with the direct pain points of the industry, and go to the place where the operator needs. Through professional training, technical assessment and star rating, help new drivers obtain professional certification, get familiar with products, learn experience, and grow rapidly; Help good drivers improve their status, get more job opportunities and increase their income; Help the boss find a better and more professional driver to improve the construction efficiency; Help all practitioners develop contacts and create an efficient communication platform

this year, China's good driver activities have successively set off a storm in Chengdu, Sichuan, xiong'an, Hebei, Qingdao, Shandong, Ordos, Inner Mongolia and other places, attracting many surrounding engineering robots to actively sign up, and many of them have successfully won the three-star certification of China's good driver

the signal rings and the flags move! All kinds of engineering machinery experts will fight for higher honors and compete for "five-star good driver". Who will laugh to the end, we will wait and see

Chinese and foreign machine drivers are in love with their dreams and show off their skills on the field

after nearly 7 years of exploration and time, Chinese good drivers have become a business card of the construction machinery industry. It has a far-reaching impact not only at home, but also in many foreign countries such as Thailand and Russia. Shandong Lingong not only provides high-quality products and services for countries along the "the Belt and Road", but also makes greater contributions to the improvement of the overall level of local construction machinery

in foreign countries, China's good driver activity comprehensively improves basic skills and quality and competitiveness by providing free training to grass-roots employees; At the same time, actively organize students to participate in local public welfare activities, improve the overall image of construction machinery practitioners, and transmit the "positive energy" brought by Chinese construction machinery enterprises

this year's ultimate PK competition for star rated good drivers, we will also see that competitors from overseas will have technical exchanges with domestic players to jointly improve their technical level. It is full of attractions and should not be missed

take 4000 yuan to shoot a small video of Tiktok. How can Huawei win prizes in such an important event? Shoot a small video of Tiktok, and Huawei will take 4000 yuan home

many machine operators will ask whether the construction site is busy with the rush period and has no time to go to the site. Can they participate in this Tiktok PK competition

I can tell you without doubt, of course

no matter who you are or where you are, shoot a small positive energy video related to temporary work, show technology, show operation, tell your own excavator story, or you have better creativity, let's "shake" together

participation method: Tiktok pays attention to the official account of Shandong Lingong Tiktok (sdlg1972), topic search i'm a good driver in China, click "participate" to upload a video related to temporary work, and @ Shandong Lingong sdlg, invite friends to like, the more likes, the richer the reward:

first prize 1, and get a Huawei worth 4000 yuan

two second prizes, worth 2000 yuan each

two third prize winners, won 1 set of Shandong Lingong exquisite model (including 4 mechanical models)

five winners won the fourth prize, and won the tensile testing machine of different models in Shandong Province to do experiments on different materials. There are many exquisite models of color and printer of sexual tableware

40 people won the fifth prize and 1 exquisite gift from Shandong temporary works

as of September 12, those who haven't participated in the activity should hurry up

passion dinner welfare carnival night

no morning and night rush, no wind and rain rush, we get together in Linyi, talk about the world, open our hearts and release our passion! Gather all your youth dreams and embark on a new journey with good wishes

in addition, during the dinner, we not only prepared wonderful performances, but also prepared multiple welfare gifts for everyone. Share welfare carnival night, more surprises, looking forward to your arrival

please look forward to the peak duel in Linyi, Shandong on August 31

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