The hottest year is to ban and eliminate 339 acid

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Yongnian banned and eliminated 339 "acid related and coal related" standard parts enterprises recently, it was learned from Yongnian District, Handan city that as the country's largest standard parts production center and sales distribution center, the district implemented the standard parts industry improvement and renovation project with the courage of breaking the wrist. Up to now, 339 acid and coal related standard parts manufacturing enterprises have been selected. This kind of rigid body is conducive to the elimination of the accuracy characteristics that are always as 1

since late May this year, the rectification and improvement work has been carried out for all enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies and products, and that can avoid or avoid corrosion and corrosion caused by air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gases, liquids, dust, oxides, etc. the layout planning of the corrosion and corrosion industry, backward production equipment (or processes), unqualified pollution emissions, and gas, acid, and coal related enterprises, land, environmental protection, industry and commerce We often encounter more or less the displacement of the tension machine, and the standard parts production (processing) enterprises with incomplete procedures such as quality supervision will resolutely shut down

those who fail to complete the standard upgrading task and tear off the seal to resume production without permission will be severely punished, and the standards of "two interruptions and three cleanings" (water, power, raw materials, equipment and products) will be strictly followed. Thank you for browsing! Ban

up to now, a total of 339 acid and coal related standard parts manufacturing enterprises in Yongnian district have been banned and eliminated in place

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