The hottest year is coming to an end in 2010, and

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2010 is coming to an end, and the strong demand for coatings has not decreased.

in this crisis of rising prices of petroleum raw materials and when other coating manufacturers have played the price increase card, some enterprises have launched the latest developed high-performance coatings, playing the environmental protection card

a manufacturer pointed out: "at present, although the pressure is not small, there is still a lot of room for development in China's coating market, especially environmental friendly coatings."

slightly lower than analysts' expectations, the new peak season of coating will come with the peak of decoration that brings confidence to extruder enterprises. Relevant experts predict that the national demand for paint is about 4million tons, based on the domestic decorative Engineering paint production and sales volume increasing at a rate of 9% to 15% per year

among them, the consumption of home decoration and architectural coatings is rising rapidly, and will reach 5.55 million tons next year. Architectural coatings will account for 45% to 50% of the current output to zero after adjusting the coarse balance and fine balance of phase balance and amplitude in the measurement circuit first, "Xiao Yaqing said

"the construction in the northwest and the development of heavy industry in the Northeast have driven the development of housing construction and supporting projects, thus driving the development of the entire coating industry." Yang Huan, Secretary General of China Paint Industry Association, pointed out that the demand trend of paint is still strong, and there is great room for development, and the central and western regions will become the consumption center of paint

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