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The trinity of "integration + collaboration + service" helps the development of robot industry

Abstract: in addition, with the continuous upgrading and expansion of artificial intelligence and service robot technology and applications, the service robot market is expanding rapidly

on July 5, with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology, the "6th China International Robot Exhibition 2017 CIROS" hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation, China robot industry alliance and Shanghai China Machinery Union Exhibition Co., Ltd. opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

it is reported that this exhibition, with the theme of "integration, coordination and service", has a scale of 38000 square meters and attracted 368 well-known enterprises from 13 countries and regions, including China, Japan, Germany, the United States and Italy. It is reported that this exhibition will last for four days until July 8

recently, in the "made in China 2025" implementation plan issued by Shenyang, it is mentioned that Shenyang will build a new "made in Shenyang" industrial system in ten aspects. These ten aspects mainly include intelligent manufacturing equipment such as robots, high-end CNC machine tools and additive manufacturing; High precision aviation equipment; New generation information technology; Power equipment; Automobile; Mechanical equipment; Modern construction industry and special equipment; Advanced rail transit equipment; New materials; Biopharmaceutical and digital medicine

with the increase of internal demand for product performance improvement and the rise of labor price in China, the pressure of industrial transformation and upgrading is increasing. As a representative of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots are playing a more and more important role in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading. Robots will be the key for China to achieve made in China 2025 and a new engine to drive economic development after China's economy enters the new normal

in addition, with the continuous upgrading and expansion of artificial intelligence and service robot technology and applications, the service robot market is expanding rapidly. China has signed a contract with Iceland "Enterprise standards are stricter than industry standards. The free trade agreement service robot exhibition area shows the rapid growth of this new industry, which has become a highlight of CIROS in 2017. As the leading enterprises in Shenyang robot and intelligent manufacturing field, Xinsong, Yuanda and other enterprises show up at this exhibition with the latest mechanical and human products.

according to Li Tao, head of Shenyang Yuanda intelligent high-tech robot, recently, Shenyang Yuanda has made great efforts to develop East China The company has established a wholly-owned independent subsidiary, Shanghai Yuanda Haobo intelligent robot. In the next five years, robot automatic grinding, welding, assembly, testing and other fields will continue to develop. We will fully enter aviation manufacturing, rail transit, ocean engineering, new energy automobile manufacturing and other industries

at the booth, we learned that the latest high-speed rail bogie automatic welding and grinding system launched by broad intelligence has made a major breakthrough in the bottleneck of high-speed rail bogie processing. By virtue of its technical advantages, the intelligent robot processing system is designed and developed. It has a high-precision force control system and an anti visual guidance system, so that the robot can have "touch" and "vision" at the same time. In this way, the manual working mode can be simulated to a large extent to realize some complex processing processes

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