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Integrating advantageous resources XCMG leads the construction machinery industry to go global

integrating advantageous resources XCMG leads the construction machinery industry to go global

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not long ago, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, pointing out to create a good regional investment environment with agglomeration and radiation effects with relatively complete infrastructure and supporting laws and policies, We will guide domestic enterprises to go out to sea in groups and "go global" in clusters. With the gradual implementation of the the Belt and Road strategy, both policy and enterprise actions are frequent. It has become the national will to go to sea together, and it has become the general trend to strengthen international production capacity and equipment cooperation. Construction machinery enterprises have also taken advantage of this opportunity to speed up their own pace of going global and take root overseas. As the pacesetter in the industry, XCMG is also at the forefront of the internationalization of enterprises in the industry, and has also brought a good start to its peers

technology leads development

as a part of the equipment industry, the performance of the construction machinery industry is the most critical indicator. XCMG has been committed to leading the development of enterprises with technology and rooting in overseas markets with high-quality equipment

XCMG's iconic products have raised the capacity of China's construction enterprises to a new height and provided a strong guarantee for the overall hoisting of China's petrochemical, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical and other industries. For example, xca5000, the world's most powerful all terrain crane, xcl800, the world's first largest tonnage wheel truss boom crane, xct220, the world's largest tonnage truck crane, and xgc88000, the world's largest tonnage crawler crane, are the world's leading iconic products, which provide XCMG with a stepping stone to open up overseas markets, Behind this is the crystallization of XCMG's strong technical R & D team focusing on independent R & D

high quality products not only need ingenious design, but also need ingenious ways in processing technology to build sophisticated equipment. Over the years, XCMG has devoted itself to making breakthroughs in these unique core technologies and processes, setting an example in the industry

such as omni-directional multiple safety device monitoring technology. The whole vehicle system of large crawler crane is complex, and the functions of each subsystem are relatively independent, and the safety information must be shared in time. This technology adopts the design concept of multiple hardware limit and software redundancy protection, and develops an intelligent control system integrating torque limit and analysis and diagnosis functions, which realizes the accurate transmission of data and resources between system modules and avoids misoperation

there is also the manufacturing technology of super crawler crane. The parts and components of large crawler cranes have large volume and weight, complex structure and high precision requirements. The company has realized a complete set of processing equipment and processes with automatic welding robots and large processing centers as the core, comprehensively improving the welding and assembly quality and efficiency of large parts and components, and ensuring the organic integration of product safety and performance

intelligent manufacturing is a sign of the gap between domestic experimental machines in modern high-end factories in many details. As the first engineering machinery enterprise in China to successfully complete the information construction, XCMG has made a leap in production efficiency and processing accuracy. At present, XCMG's plan to achieve internal and external collaborative informatization overall improvement management includes three lines: the first is the group control line, which is mainly to adjust the control mode between the group and its subordinate enterprises through comprehensive budget and business intelligence systems; The second is the business line, which takes the enterprise ERP system as the core and connects various functional subsystems through the system interface, including the R & D system PDM, production system MES, sales service system CRM and other platforms, so as to realize the value chain collaboration among internal research, production, supply, sales and different products; The third is the supply chain collaboration line, which takes the supplier relationship management system SRM, dealer management system DMS, IOT and e-commerce as the core to realize the connection and collaboration between XCMG group and upstream and downstream enterprises

integrating advantageous resources

it is an effective method for Chinese enterprises to go abroad, integrate overseas advantageous resources and strengthen their competitiveness. In recent years, under the call of the national "going out" policy, XCMG has implemented the international development strategy, actively carried out overseas investment and M & A, made important breakthroughs in global marketing, cross-border M & A, overseas R & D and production base construction, and initially established a global operation system

at present, XCMG is steadily promoting its global layout. It has established a European R & D center, a U.S. R & D center, a European procurement center, and established hydraulic parts production bases in Germany (FT Company) and the Netherlands (AMCA company). Through the merger and acquisition of German schweiying, XCMG has concrete equipment manufacturing bases in Germany, Austria, Brazil, the United States and India, etc; The Brazilian base built by XCMG has also been put into operation; In addition, XCMG has also established several skd/ckd factories in Poland, Iran, Uzbekistan and other places

in emerging markets and some developed markets, XCMG cooperates with powerful dealers or local governments to build factories. Generally, the overall scale of emerging countries' markets is not particularly large, but they grow rapidly and enter first, which can establish competitive advantages and effectively block the expansion of competitors. Choosing to cooperate with large dealers or governments can reduce investment costs, avoid commercial risks and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

at present, an important factor restricting the international expansion of China's construction machinery is technology and quality. In order to improve product technology and quality, it is necessary to establish a R & D and technology platform that can support the international expansion of XCMG. By setting up R & D centers in developed countries, XCMG has significantly improved its R & D capabilities in the corresponding key parts and products

it can be seen that if Chinese construction machinery enterprises want to go global, they should carry out localized product research and development according to the local market demand, promote the construction of global R & D technology network, attract global technical resources and high-end talents at home and abroad, realize the upgrading of products and the promotion of brand image, and provide a strong driving force for scientific and technological innovation to achieve the goals of internationalization and world-class enterprises

bottleneck needs to be broken through

although China has the world's largest parts and components enterprises and a large number of products are exported overseas, most of them are concentrated on labor-intensive products with low technology content and low added value. They are still at the low end of the transnational procurement chain and highly dependent on the import of high-end parts

for example, high-power vehicle engines, high-end hydraulic parts and automatic control gearboxes are almost all foreign brands. The engine power required for wheeled cranes above 200 tons is about 400KW. At present, XCMG's all terrain cranes have exceeded 1600 tons, and the engine power required is more than 500kW. There are no domestic high-power vehicle engines above 400KW, all of which should be imported from German Benz. The same is true in terms of materials. The mobile crane, which focuses on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the plastic processing industry, is a lifting and load-bearing equipment. It requires that the main components, including the jib, underframe, turntable, outrigger, truss arm, etc., should have large load-bearing capacity and light weight. In these materials, foreign countries are developing towards the application of high-strength plates and high-strength low-density composites

in addition to the automatic control function, the overseas automatic transmission also has the functions of creeping driving, slow braking, torque change and torque increase, especially suitable for heavy construction machinery. The automatic transmission independently researched and developed by China is basically zero. At present, the transmission of wheeled cranes with more than 100 tons is basically the world of foreign brands

some experts in the industry suggest that the state should prefer domestic brands in the procurement of major projects, and give preferential policies to enterprises that purchase and use domestic brands. Encourage the development of local brands in China, so that domestic brand enterprises can have a more stable foothold and a more solid step to go global

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