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Integration and M & A is likely to be the only way for industrial robot start-ups to become bigger.

benefiting from the development of domestic industry, domestic companies in the field of industrial robots continue to emerge and continue to implement products. However, if the start-ups in the field of industrial robots want to grow in the future, they may need to integrate through mergers and acquisitions

generally speaking, start-ups in the field of industrial robots are divided into two categories: one is selling standard products, and the other is integrating. The profit margin of the former is generally about 30%, and the revenue mainly comes from the sales of products. At present, there are two series of universal material testing machines commonly used in the market; The profit margin of the latter is generally below 10%, but the flow scale may be large

the development of the four overseas families has benefited from the rapid development of the automotive industry. Most of the previous domestic industrial robot companies have benefited from the automotive industry. The dividends enjoyed by the new wave of industrial robots mainly come from 3C automation. To serve industrial customers, customers often need a complete set of solutions. What are the problems that should be paid attention to when operating the universal testing machine? Implement the scheme. Therefore, from the perspective of the final link, its landing is often regional, and it is difficult to expand

the financial data of domestic well-known companies in the field of industrial robots can also prove this. Among the robot companies listed in A-share market in 2017, Xinsong had a revenue of 2.465 billion yuan and a net profit of 436million yuan; Esten has a revenue of 899million yuan and a net profit of 87million yuan; Tostar has a revenue of RMB 686million and a net profit of RMB 134million. Among the non listed companies, take 3C industrial robot, which is popular in recent years, as an example. At present, almost all the company's standard products plus integrated orders have a contract amount of less than 300million yuan

in this case, M & A and integration are likely to be necessary for start-ups in this field to become bigger or take the tortuous path of auxiliary parts recommended by the manufacturer. The acquisition strategy has also been verified in many manufacturing industries and many regional fields

many factors are also needed to make the company bigger through M & A integration. For the company, first, it may need to have a strong enough financing capacity to obtain the start-up funds for M & A. even through the way of share exchange, it often needs the support of funds; Second, it is a great test of the CEO's personality charm, can be accepted by the other CEO and senior executives, and can reasonably integrate the 7.4 ball friction and wear tester team

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