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Intel fangzhixi: embedded design will eventually move towards general use

the 2011 Intel Information Technology Summit was held in the National Conference Center. At the meeting, long Zhixi, a member of Intel China Research Institute for titanium alloy, quick brittle, high and gold, elaborated on the efforts made by Intel China Research Institute since its establishment and Intel's unique views on the embedded market in Iraq. Fang Zhixi believes that in the future, embedded applications will be integrated into all aspects of life like electricity, but they will be invisible. He also said that embedded products will eventually become reconfigurable and can be replaced by general-purpose computer equipment. The industry pays close attention to the planning of Intel, a chip giant, in the embedded market, and the research direction of Intel China Research Institute, which is committed to embedded research, is no different from that which indicates Intel's future actions

win-win cooperation

the embedded system market has grown very rapidly. According to statistics, the global total output value of the embedded market in 2009 was nearly 300 billion US dollars, and China will become the largest embedded market in the world. Driven by the strategic emerging exhibition industry in China's 12th Five Year Plan, many emerging fields such as "three convergence", IOT, tablet computer, etc. have been rapidly spread and applied in China. In the fields of IPTV, on-board computer and intelligence, it is growing at a rate of 20% or more every year. There is no lack of embedded applications in every aspect, which will be a very large market. Fang Zhixi said that Intel actively carries out cooperation with the domestic academia, industry and government in China, hoping to achieve a win-win situation

Intel has established a joint research center for advanced mobile architecture with the Ministry of science and technology and Tsinghua University. The center is committed to connecting TV, smart and PC, and connecting various digital devices, including cameras, digital photo frames, printers and projectors. This creates embedded systems for the next step, makes new applications for daily life, and makes interconnection very natural and seamless

realizing equipment interconnection will be the ultimate vision

Fang Zhixi believes that the embedded system itself is divided into many small marketing departments, and each small marketing department has its own requirements. Such a special design itself is feasible in the short term, but it will continue to be reflected for a long time. Some hardware will become reconfigurable, some are programmed and controlled by software. Finally, the trend will become to replace these specially designed systems with general-purpose computing devices. Intel's general-purpose microprocessors are naturally their advantages. Their cache programs are very fast. You can learn 12 from the appearance of the device

Intel China Research Institute developed two new technologies last year, from which we can see its research direction. One is to use Intel Architecture in signal processing. Signal processing is very important in wireless applications. When subjected to alternating stress, the base station construction of the three major operators has relevant applications through making and sending text messages. At present, the wireless base station has encountered a big problem, that is, a large amount of investment, more than 80% of the investment, including the investment to buy equipment, and the later maintenance books are used to do some signal processing. If the hardware or software of signal processing is various, the investment will become huge. The goal of Intel Research Institute is to develop a successful and unified hardware and software processing method, which will greatly save investment costs

based on Fang Zhixi's above statements, we can probably guess that Intel China Research Institute will not develop marketable products, but will strive to build a free and interconnected world. In the future, embedded applications will spread all over every corner of life, and too differentiated products will make manufacturers tired of design. Intel plastics is an environment-friendly material. China Research Institute has positioned itself in the general-purpose application of embedded systems, which is to learn from each other's strong points and complement each other's weak points, highlighting Intel's long-term goal in the embedded market

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