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Integration and breakthrough to realize the new leap of XCMG in 2010. Since april2009, with the support, guidance and strong promotion of CCRE Electromechanical group, Xiamen Industrial Group has made a month on month comparison

in the spirit of "leading the change and surpassing the detours", Xiamen workers has worked hard to build up their strengths. With indomitable perseverance and pioneering and innovative determination for change, it has smoothly passed through the very year of 2009

since april2009, with the support, guidance and strong promotion of CCRE Electromechanical group, Xiamen Industrial Group has gradually improved its month on month indicators, gradually started positive growth, and broken through the ice and made steady progress on the road of economic winter

2010: at the 2010 annual work conference of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. summarized the experience and achievements of last year and opened the door to the 2010 annual strategic planning

"integration and breakthrough" is the annual theme of XCMG in 2010. At the same time, Xiamen Engineering Group put forward the annual slogan of developing high-strength long rod porcelain composite insulators for UHV transmission lines in 2010: "new starting point, new Xiamen Engineering Group, customer satisfaction." The company has determined the annual business policy of "technology construction and quality inheritance"

in 2010, under the annual theme of "integration and breakthrough", XCMG calmly and objectively planned future strategic measures

improve the organization guarantee

under the guidance of the overall strategy, Xiamen Engineering Group will clarify the organizational positioning, sort out the responsibilities and authorities of the Department, improve the management mechanism of the division, improve the internal management system, and establish and improve the organizational performance management

diversification of related products is one of the important strategies of the enterprise.

in addition to the obvious advantages of loaders, XCMG has also actively entered excavators, forklifts and road equipment. 4: as the jaws of hydraulic universal testing machines are often used in the field, on the premise of expanding the existing four series of products, diversification of related products must be implemented as an important strategy of the enterprise to make a substantive breakthrough

establish a vertically integrated system in the field of key parts

XCMG will further strengthen its own industrial chain control ability, establish its position with "chain competition" and win the market

to enhance the added value of Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd.'s products and enter the growth space of high added value

there is only one answer for the future rise of China's Loader Industry - "value enhancement", which must rely on the breakthrough at the value level. As the eldest son of China's construction machinery, XCMG has led China's construction machinery industry, especially loaders, since its inception, and has achieved rapid and high-quality growth. XCMG should continue to make a difference in technology and R & D, and improve its control over R & D and technology as soon as possible, so as to achieve sustainable development and sustainable operation

establish a marketing system with perfect functional structure

Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. will examine and adjust the marketing concept and mode, establish the concept of value marketing, introduce more and more advanced marketing means, and make its own marketing service system truly become the guarantee for enterprise strategy implementation and business expansion, and an important cornerstone for truly realizing high value

build a brand with strong influence and user cohesion

Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. should establish a competitive and differentiated platform for technology, R & D, products, manufacturing, marketing services and post market, and enable users to directly feel Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. through the brand language and connotation, consolidate the industrial status, and strive to complete the transformation to a "high added value and high value" enterprise. We should raise brand building to a strategic level, implant more and more profound technology, brand and service connotation into the brand, and complete the transformation of "high-value and high-end brand" in the shortest time, so as to achieve better profit space and operation quality

accelerate the implementation of internationalization strategy

in the face of the international market, XCMG will plan its own strategy, plan its own resource allocation, plan its own internationalization path, layout the world and constantly expand its world territory from a strategic perspective and a perspective of positioning and internationalization of its future development direction and objectives

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