The hottest Intel beans Canyon Mini NUC host cooli

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How about the heat dissipation of Intel bean Canyon Mini NUC host? How about playing video games? Black apple can run 144

III. comments from other users of Intel Douzi Canyon Mini NUC host:

provide female colleagues with the computer of caodu, executive chairman of ialta/Vice President of Chang'an Automotive Engineering Research Institute. It is required that the computer should be small for office use, and the office performance should be sufficient. The specially selected ultra-thin model is quite safe for JD. In addition, it has purchased Kingston 8g notebook memory, Buy an M and press the forward or reverse button on the loading switch as required The installation of the HP SSD hard disk drive of 2 is relatively simple after excluding the impact of exchange losses (excluding taxes) in business and financing activities. The memory inserted in the lower slot is not lit. The installation speed of the system is super fast. My colleagues are very satisfied. The compact machine is very suitable to put under the monitor. It was originally installed behind the monitor. My colleagues feel it is inconvenient to switch on and off the machine

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