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Intel and Microsoft will realize the standardization of digital signage platform

on January 14, 2010, Intel and Microsoft * announced that they had established a strategic cooperation relationship and planned to launch an open, reliable and standards based digital signage application development platform in the second quarter of 2010 to fill the gap in the industry

the platform adopts Intel Core TM i7 processor and has been verified with Windows Embedded standard 2011 operating system based on Windows 7 technology, aiming to better standardize the fragmented digital signage market, create a stable market environment and promote the development of the industry. Whether in retail stores, hotels, banks or hospitals, developers can bring customers an immersive interactive digital signage application experience by deploying this new platform

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on the same day, the National Retail Federation (NRF) released other information about the new development platform in New York. See the following for details

interoperability and scalability

with Intel Architecture, customers can connect digital signage devices to existing enterprise infrastructure, extending the management and infrastructure life of traditional digital signage technologies

in addition, customers can use Intel and Microsoft technologies to develop a variety of digital signage designs, covering high-end applications from entry-level solutions to digital signage display walls

windows embedded standard 2011 platform can seamlessly and safely integrate with the enterprise network, allowing users to easily manage and control digital signage devices

improve energy efficiency and save costs

Intel Braun technology and Intel active management technology enable technicians to remotely manage, diagnose and repair the system even when the system is shut down, or support users to remotely turn off digital signage, thus saving energy and cost

windows 7 technology adopted by Windows Embedded standard 2011 has intelligent power management API and seamless remote management functions, which can enable developers to create energy-saving applications, minimize on-site maintenance, update and repair work, and reduce the total cost of ownership, so as to achieve absolute value-added

multimedia and graphics processing

the extruders in developed countries have generally adopted modern electronic and computer control technologies, Intel REMAX acceleration technology and Intel hyper threading technology, which can bring enhanced power management and performance to digital signage and other applications requiring high-end graphics processors and multiple display screens

with Windows Embedded standard 2011, customers can deploy a variety of interactive digital signage solutions to achieve multiple functions including pan and zoom, touch and gesture input, thus significantly improving the unique web browsing and overall user experience delivered by digital signage developers

industry support

the platform jointly developed by Intel and Microsoft allows customers to focus on digital design. China will also apply signs in compliance with multilateral trade rules without investing in platform development

RO, vice president and general manager of HP * desktop solutions business department, recently said: at the national retail alliance exhibition, HP conducted a concept verification on the digital signage application development platform jointly developed by Intel and Microsoft. The results show that the platform allows enterprises to interact with key audiences simply and dynamically, and deliver a unique user experience through more attractive and appropriate content

dusty Lutz, general manager of NCR netke*, said: NCR netkey has the highest customer base among the digital signage customers that are still in the production stage or have completed the deployment. This advantage enables NCR netkey to continuously improve the application of digital signage, and high processing performance is the key factor to launch a variety of software innovations

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