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The integration platform and process automation system promote the sustainable development of enterprises

after a long debate, the management and consulting circles believe that the business process improvement plan can not succeed without the top support. This is the rule of the market. The efforts to continuously improve performance depend to a large extent on the top leaders' cognitive ability to the business at all levels of the enterprise (including the bottom business of production)

the implementation of the above system has stimulated the development of data acquisition system, which can collect data from multiple production bottom management systems and equipment. These data can quickly and clearly describe the production process of the product after format processing, so that relevant management personnel including the top management of the enterprise can quickly and clearly understand the production status

bill Swanton is the vice president of AMR research in Boston. He believes that the data acquisition system provides support for a new application software called Enterprise Intelligent Manufacturing System (EMI)

in a sense, the enterprise intelligent manufacturing system closely combines two application systems: one system is a system that automatically sets and monitors business processes, which is usually used in enterprise management and supply chain management; A system is a system that controls and monitors the machines and equipment at the bottom of production

swanton said: "the enterprise intelligent manufacturing system has realized two operation levels (management level and production level) of the enterprise The interaction and synchronization of the data of enable more people to obtain relevant information. At the same time, it enables us to more effectively understand the aspects in which various production factors will affect the enterprise performance, what impact they will have, and how much impact they will have

according to Swanton, another advantage of enterprise intelligent manufacturing system is that it can reflect production activities in real time, which can help enterprise decision makers find improvement opportunities in the process rather than after the event

Meikang food company, the world's largest producer of French fries, pointed out that the application system provided by activplant with experimental data in the experimental machine for

can fully support their plans to improve quality and reduce costs

Meikang food company, the world's largest French fries manufacturer located in Ontario, believes that the enterprise intelligent manufacturing system of activplant promotes the continuous improvement of enterprise performance from two aspects. On the one hand, it transmits the required information to the operators of the production line to make better decisions in the production process, and on the other hand, it makes the managers see the effects of the above decisions faster

reduce losses

as the vice president of global engineering and production of Meikang food company, Lloyd Borowski said that the plant in Maine (one of the largest production bases of Meikang food company) implemented the system of activplant, which improved the output and product quality, and reduced the overall operating cost

borowski is studying how to implement this system in the other 54 factories of Meikang food company around the world, He said: "managers and production personnel can quickly determine the factors that affect output and quality, which can effectively avoid production losses.

arla foods is a dairy production enterprise located in Denmark. They support the company's" one system "strategy by applying the enterprise intelligent manufacturing system provided by Wonderware. This strategy requires the company to use a unified method to measure Performance of production plants in the UK and Argentina

the new workshop production system reduces the data collection work of enterprises and makes it easier to comprehensively improve enterprise performance

arne Svendsen is the production information technology manager of Arla foods. He believes that Wonderware solutions being implemented in some Arla factories can monitor the production process of products in real time and improve the company's output

svendsen said: "The goal of this vast project is to make all manufacturing plants of Arla foods adopt the same production process, so that the information systems of different plants can be integrated. Finally, the production efficiency, product quality and performance data can be reflected in a unified format report. Enterprise managers will make strategic decisions according to the production capacity of each plant.

in general, the enterprise intelligent manufacturing system and its supporting system are It has been developed through decades of unremitting efforts to integrate the production control equipment of different manufacturers into the underlying production system

this is the origin of the underlying production system

invensys developed a system called archestra a few years ago, which can help enterprises establish a new production process on the basis of retaining the existing application system. In addition to some system integration tools of the system, archestra system also includes some common functions in contemporary industrial automation systems, including network security, early warning and event management capabilities

a comprehensive solution

arla food company is using a set of Wonderware product microcomputer controlled cup burst tester {Shandong Star High Tech} connected by archestra system. The core of the system is Wonderware's IndustrialSQL database. The database collects the data collected from the production equipment and control devices of Arla's factories around the world, and collects the data related to the production process that colleagues actively participate in. A Wonderware application system named "inTrack" records the information of each batch of ex factory products. The detailed information generated by this series is used for reporting or other purposes

a program called "DT analyst" monitors the operation of the equipment. All the information generated by these applications can be observed through a "InTouch" human-computer interface. InTouch program is the main application system that controls the entire production network

svendsen said, "we have 65 sites, so it is very important to implement a comprehensive production intelligent system that can provide a direct, easy-to-use communication method and submit equipment information.

the activplant system that supports the enterprise intelligent manufacturing system of Meikang food company is also based on the technical platform of Microsoft. It first uses a" vpcollector " The data acquisition engine collects data from workshop machines, equipment and control devices, and can also collect information by manual input or scanning bar codes by production workers. According to the priority of the company's system configuration, the vpcollector sends the collected information to the real-time cache server or Microsoft SQLSERVER database

a part called "vpfoundation" in the system contains a series of functional modules such as network security, process monitoring, alarm, etc. it also has the ability to generate reports and data analysis

after the data is called out from the SQLSERVER database or the real-time cache server and transferred to the network server, the user can access the data, typically through the network browser. Borowski said that the system meets McCain's needs: to provide comprehensive support for strategies to improve quality and reduce costs

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