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Intel helps the industry accelerate the transformation to cloud

in order to accelerate the transformation to the software definition network, Intel Corporation held an Intel Software Definition innovation product conference with the theme of "Xinqi Internet, transforming the network" in Beijing yesterday, announcing the launch of new products and industrial collaboration plans, aiming to accelerate the industry's migration to a more flexible and cloud ready communication network. This network can meet the needs of today's enterprises for new communications, cloud computing and data center services, and can easily support future related equipment and services. Chinatelecom *, Tianrongxin *, Cisco *, Inspur *, Dawning *, and other domestic leading industry user representatives and industry partners also attended the conference, shared their analysis and insight into the current situation and future trend of cloud computing, and introduced in depth the unique value that the product platform brings to customers and enterprises in improving network intelligence and bandwidth, and supporting enterprises to establish more flexible and responsive networks

Intel network definition innovation product launch

currently, billions of devices are adding the ability to connect to the network, including not only intelligence, but also automobile and factory facilities. This trend will bring new application instances and service opportunities, and drive unprecedented growth in network and storage requirements In case of any problem found during normal use, it shall be inspected in time. It has reached 1.5 million tons in 2012. However, current network design cannot support communication service providers to expand their infrastructure quickly or cost effectively. To fully unleash the development potential of IOT and improve the mobile computing experience, enterprises must reshape their communication networks and improve the programmability and flexibility of their entire infrastructure to cope with the expected growth in the scale and complexity of data traffic

Sandra Rivera, vice president of Intel data center business unit and general manager of network platform department, said: with more and more devices accessing the network and various new digital services emerging, users' demand for the network is growing rapidly. By building intelligent functions in the communication infrastructure and using a standards based approach, communication service providers will be able to build flexible cloud ready networks based on this and quickly expand their service capabilities

Wang Feng, chief engineer of Chinatelecom Beijing Research Institute and executive director of Chinatelecom cloud computing and SDX joint technology opening laboratory, as an enterprise with communication network services as its main business, telecom operators have long been preparing for this round of network reform trend Wang Feng, executive director of Chinatelecom's cloud computing and SDX joint technology open laboratory, said at the meeting: by adopting standardized solutions based on Intel Architecture and supporting software defined network and network function virtualization capabilities, the network can finally bid farewell to being closed, open its architecture and capabilities like a server, and supply flexible calls. This has provided unprecedented convenience for us to expand new businesses, deploy new functions, automate and flexibly manage resources, and conduct flexible traffic tuning

Intel expands its ecosystem and product portfolio, laying a solid foundation for the development of cloud ready networks

Intel is working closely with industry leaders such as Cisco *, Ericsson *, SK telecom* and verizon* to accelerate the industry's migration to a more flexible and responsive network, and lay a foundation for the development of 5g networks in the future. Intel will provide leading-edge technologies to enhance the network capacity and bandwidth, and expand the ecosystem to provide standards based solutions. Intel announced the following information today:

amrica m VIL has recently selected Intel as its technical advisor to help its network evolve towards a more flexible, efficient and easy to expand direction. Intel will provide technical support and professional guidance to support Amrica m VIL to innovate its infrastructure to accelerate the introduction of new services, automate processes, and reduce its network operating costs in Latin America and Europe

Intel network definition innovation product launch ceremony

Intel Xeon TM processor d-1500 product family adds new members, which can support the expansion of intelligent functions from network core to edge to significantly improve performance and reduce latency. The eight new processors launched this time are highly integrated system chips with excellent performance and low power consumption. At the same time, the maximum memory capacity supported is up to twice that of the previous generation 1 These advantages make them an ideal choice for various networking, cloud storage, enterprise storage and IOT applications. These applications usually run in high-density and harsh environments. Currently, there are more than 50 Intel? The network, cloud storage, enterprise storage and IOT systems of Xeon TM processor d-1500 product family are under design

the new Intel Ethernet multi host controller fm10000 product family seamlessly integrates proven Ethernet technology and advanced switch resources to support high-performance communication network applications and high-density server platforms. With high bandwidth multi host connectivity of up to 200gbps and multiple 100GB Ethernet ports, it can bring excellent packet processing capacity, significantly reduce performance bottlenecks, and support rapid transmission of network traffic within and between servers

the new Intel Ethernet controller X550 product family is a cost-effective low-power 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection solution that can bring significant performance to servers and networking equipment in the data center. The plastic products industry is the source of waste plastics

Intel is actively promoting the expansion of the network ecosystem, and announced that the number of members of the Intel Network builders program has exceeded 180. In August this year, Intel announced the launch of Intel Network builders fast track, which aims to accelerate the pace of innovation in the network ecosystem by optimizing hardware and software solutions, promoting technology integration within the ecosystem's main advantages, and launching interoperable solutions

red hat is the first independent software provider to make significant contributions in all focus areas of Intel Network builders fast track. Red hat has rich professional experience in the commercialization of open source technology, and has a long history of cooperation with Intel in providing standardized solutions for the telecommunications industry. By further expanding cooperation, the two sides will work together to strengthen optimization, launch carrier grade solutions based on red hat software and Intel technology, jointly develop solution blueprints for communication network use cases, and test the interoperability between their platforms and the solutions of other ecosystem partners

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