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Borges once said that if there is a heaven in this world, it should be like a library. If so, a woman's study should be her own heaven. If you also want a study of your own, canoya can design your dream study with her own hands

when talking about women's exclusive space, people usually think of "Wardrobe", such as water chestnut bronze mirrors, Chinese clothes and beautiful clothes. Few people associate the study with women, and canoya remembers that Margaret foster, the famous British autobiographical writer, yearns for her study for many people: wooden floor, wooden table, small square blanket, two large windows with sufficient lighting, simple bookshelves washed by the sun, and photo frames full of walls, The wide windowsill is written with the quiet and peaceful thoughts of a female writer

today, when everyone pursues speed and speed, it seems "inappropriate" to talk about the necessity of women's study, but it is precisely because people regard browsing as reading that the study is necessary

have a study of your own. Outside the noisy and noisy world, you can have a comfortable and quiet place to think about things and personal affairs, drive away the impetuousness and anxiety of the day, and gallop unrestricted from the spiritual world of different authors. For the establishment of your women's study, Kaka has collected all kinds of references, and I hope there is something you love in them

reading time in northern Europe: minimalist northern Europe has always been a great love of the simple school. There is no complicated carved noise, only the integration of pure white and olive wood. All the designs are only for collecting more books

ancient and simple Chinese study: the most impressive Chinese study in canoya is Lin Daiyu's Xiaoxiang hall. The bamboo poles reflect a musical column with melodious flute and gurgling water. Its elegance has attracted the appreciation of today's scholars. The Chinese style study recommended by canoya this time has a round arc and square desk design, which is combined with the unique Chinese style back lattice to create a simple and not simple study space

Jane Europe reading space: sometimes, the time we leave for the study may be only one book, so canoya recommends this simple design study, which combines the desk and bookshelf into one, does not occupy too much space, and retains the function of the study

Borges once said that if there is a paradise in this world, it should be like a library. If so, a woman's study should be her own paradise. The secretaries who have read recorded the past, and the books that will be read portray the future

if you also want a study of your own, then contact Kanoya, and a professional designer will personally design your dream study





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