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How much does it cost to install a house? Is there a specific proposal quotation? I believe that many friends are extremely concerned about issues like this, because most owners contact decoration for the first time, and they don't understand the decoration market and related knowledge, let alone carefully review the quotation at home. This is the case with Ms. Chen of sunshine 100 Great Lake, who is afraid of overspending while doing decoration, so I hope to have a general understanding of the decoration cost at home before decoration, and have a spectrum in her heart, Clarifying the market is also convenient to avoid the decoration company deliberately raising prices to it. Therefore, today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan Decoration network found a decoration quotation list of the same house type of sunshine 100 Great Lakes, hoping for reference

area: 86 square meters; House structure: two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom; Decoration method: half package; (Group decoration of Yangguang 100 dahudi community)

[decoration quotation and demand of Yangguang 100 dahudi]

before analyzing the quotation, let's first understand the current decoration quotation in Wuhan. For now, the quotation unit price of half package is 300 yuan to 700 yuan per square meter, so the total decoration price of a 86 square meter house is between 29000 and 40000. In the view of Xiaobian, such a quotation range is called "reasonable" price. For the owners who come into contact with decoration for the first time, please choose carefully whether it is too high or too low, so reference is very important

we can see from this quotation that the quality requirements of the foundation and hydropower parts are very high, and the owner is extremely concerned about this. The reason why the decoration of the master bedroom costs more is that considering the 86 square meter housing area, the storage problem needs to be well solved. Therefore, the master bedroom has made a large transformation of cabinets and balcony parts, and the space utilization rate has been greatly improved

after reading the decoration quotation of such a group of houses with similar types and areas, Ms. Chen of sunshine 100 Great Lake said that there were roughly a few, and then she was relieved. Well, if you are preparing to decorate your home, Xiaobian suggests that you come to Wuhan home decoration network to publish Wuhan Decoration bidding now. More than 60 Wuhan decoration companies provide free consultation, and more than three companies measure your house and design plans for you free. You can choose the best [Click to visit] decoration]





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