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The elegant and weak home environment makes the mind quiet, and makes the summer not boring and dry. Meijia Meihu seamless wall cloth, deduces a happy and comfortable life for you

this station ・ summer

summer scorching

small and large heatstrokes are coming in succession

the temperature continues to rise

let's find the most comfortable

Life state

enchanted phantom

dream and reality overlap

cross dimension

replacement and rebirth in the hazy

exquisite carving, freedom and randomness

make the room instantly beautiful

Meijia Meihu enchanted phantom the Impressionist longitudinal lines are beautifully intertwined, the original colors and planar structure are placed in a harmonious layout, and the "constructivism" is used to emphasize the artistic beauty of space, with outstanding work style, Natural and beautiful

Ren Guangyin slides gently at my fingertips

I'm still the most charming Hong Shuying in the sun

when all the dust settles

I'll carry it all my life

keep you warm

Meijia Meihu's "leaf shadow" is based on large leaf shapes, fine leaf veins, and interactive layering. These perfect visual experiences are achieved through high-precision jacquard technology. Decorate your space with Ye Ying, make the living space more exquisite and elegant, and let residents enjoy a higher taste of life

the softness of the sun

spreads all over every corner of the earth

sprinkles on the newly opened petals

with a faint fragrance

exudes the breath of nature at the same time

it also brings peace in the heart

Meijia Meihu "forget childhood" and "pure Narcissus" choose pure and elegant flowers as design elements, eternal love, warm and fresh and elegant, and the flexible butterflies in the wind dance, relaxed, happy Comfortable visual feeling, evenly and gently distributed, very suitable for children's room decoration

contains vitality and vigor

there is no need to deliberately reveal

and there is no need to paint heavily

just a faint

traction in the hazy

fantasy of the breeze

makes the mood tend to be authentic and quiet

like the clarity of the sky, like the distance of the vast sea. Applying blue to the background can create a quiet and elegant space atmosphere. The addition of white and metallic colors adds a bit of elegant charm to the noble blue, and a strong artistic atmosphere is coming. The quiet and transparent far sky blue is used in a large area without being abrupt. Between the ever-changing and all kinds of customs, it shows the elegant temperament incisively and vividly, and creates a quiet and relaxed home atmosphere at the same time

grey is the precipitated color. It is not like black and white absolutely. When the light is appropriate, it is not even depressed at all, but harmonious and quiet. Gray wall cloth is simple but monotonous, quiet but calm, elegant but colorful. In the gray space, feel the light, clear, simple and casual life

make summer more summer

simple and elegant, thin home environment

make the mind quiet

make the summer not boring and restless

Meijia Meihu wall cloth, deduce a happy and comfortable life for you

Meijia Meihu seamless wall cloth has entered Beijing diaoyutaistateguesthouse, and the high-end quality makes every family choose Meijia Meihu

(image and text source: Meijia Meihu wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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