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The genial sun shines directly into the pores. Occasionally, bungalows rise and fall to the sky blue horizon, and bright white light is reflected on the open road. It seems that we have crossed the Eurasian continent at once and are getting closer to Provence

the well-designed French pastoral living room, while maintaining the pastoral style, exudes a noble and elegant taste

the well-designed solid wood cabinets make the kitchen more accessible. Light colors also virtually enlarge the overall space

in fact, the residential area where Wang Jing's family is located has a very nice name, which makes people cannot help thinking of the novel with the same name

as a person who led the trend of home furnishing, Wang Jing comprehensively designed and supervised the decoration process of her home. Compared with the opportunity for her to open a shop when she couldn't find suitable household goods when decorating her first house at that time, the process of designing this house was like the process of Wang Jing accumulating her strength for many years to realize her family dream. But there are many details to pay attention to in order to create such a pastoral dream with unified style

this is a 3-story villa, which is warm and comfortable due to its pastoral style. Most of the owners are proud of the atmosphere of the empty living room in the villa. Wang Jing asked to transform the living room into an ordinary height and rebuild a bedroom with the built floor. For villas with more than 300 square meters, it seems that such space saving is not necessary. Wang Jing feels that the open space in space is not suitable for the pastoral style she wants. The essence of pastoral style is to make people living in it feel close and relaxed. Instead, it's better to have a more environmentally friendly space division. Wang Jing chose a lamp with ceramic and crystal matching the pastoral style, which not only took into account the integrity of the pastoral style, but also virtually lowered the height of the ceiling, so that the passage of sunlight would not be affected

the grey blue furniture and iron decoration jumping in the main color of yellow brighten the originally gloomy space


the porch is the first scene to see when entering the home. Being generous and relaxed is the best style that can let visitors put down their vigilance

it is also a kind of European rural style, and the French rural style is more exquisite. Probably the French cannot escape this long French court tradition. They prefer clean, bright and warm colors; Love elegant curves, pay attention to detail design, and proper picky eyes create a sense of life

the top of the log can naturally match the Western pastoral style

the impression of rural furniture is always full of miscellaneous prints and decorations. I can't get it right. I can only see a fragment in front of me. In fact, to create an idyllic home, we need to pay more attention to the harmony of space and color

the pastoral style should completely permeate every place in the home, even the study

although the main guard cannot help but have a cold bath, putting an extra pot of flowers can make the warmth bloom in an instant




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