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The Oscar of the world, the debut of folding screen C

Barcelona in these two days is comparable to the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on the weekend (Monday, Beijing time): on the one hand, there is the award ceremony of filmmakers and entertainment circles, and on the other hand, there is the peak moment of the mobile communication industry. As a recognized trend vane (in addition to Apple's press conference), MWC (Mobile World Congress) is also a star studded show like Oscar, but the one who grabbed the C position has become the major manufacturers in the world

2019 and even the next decade, what changes may happen to the gadget we rely on for survival? People still maintain a high degree of curiosity and interest. On MWC, the protagonist that makes the already tired communication and industry particularly excited is not the cliche of intelligent IOT, but 5g technology and the "turn as you say" screen we want to talk about today. In terms of the hot discussion of the whole exhibition, foldable should not be allowed to become the "little golden man" attracting the attention of the outside world

before the official opening of MWC, manufacturers turned this sunny seaside city into a hot overseas sub battlefield -- Barcelona. On February 21 local time, Samsung was the first to release the galaxy fold collapsible screen. Galaxy fold turns into a normal sized smart by folding outward, and the official price is about 13000 yuan; Then, Xiaomi released the leading 5g:5g version of mix 3, which is equipped with Xiaolong 855 processor and Xiaolong X50 baseband. The price is 599 euros (about 4557 yuan), and it is planned to be sold in Europe in May this year; Huawei also announced 5g and folding screens. He Gang, President of Huawei terminal products, revealed that mate x could be launched as soon as June 2019, and Huawei plans to ship more than 100000 units per month

is it a hit or an evolutionary trend

it is worth noting that not long after Huawei released the folding screen, oppo vice president Shen Yiren also released oppo's "folding screen" on social media - if you want enough people, you can consider "mass production". The reason is that he believes that the current solution is not suitable for a consumer product. For the industry, it is not just a matter of changing a screen

in this regard, Lenovo's Yang Yuanqing also gave a wave of real name dis: these folding screen products released now do not exceed the concept folding screen released by Lenovo on techworld three years ago. "The key is all ppt products. After the release, they are placed in the glass cover and are not touched. The price is also high. You can buy several tablets." "We also have an internal evaluation of such projects, and we believe that the folding screen is not yet a point in time that can really face consumers." In the interview, Yang Yuanqing bluntly said that Lenovo's introduction of folding screens must be a perfect product that can fully face consumers, meet their experience, and have zero distance contact

BASF developed liquid spray damping coating

as the world's first flexible manufacturer to launch mass production, Liu Zihong, founder of Ruoyu technology, posted a parameter comparison chart on Weibo, which shows Huawei mate x, Samsung Galaxy fold and Ruoyu's own Ruoyu flexpai. In the comparison chart, Ruoyu highlighted the advantages of its own products, including global launch, selling price, double card and double standby and bending times. Among them, the price of Samsung Huawei is more than 15000 yuan, and that of Ruoyu is only 8999 yuan, which is much lower. However, Samsung does not support dual card dual standby, and the number of screen bends is only hundreds of thousands, while Ruoyu can bend more than 200000 times. Liu Zihong said that the product price is very important: "as a good product, of course, we should return to one point in the end, that is, to make users buy, afford and use it well."

but back to folding screen, we may need to clarify a very important question: why do consumers need a folding screen? Are we really ready to enter the portable era of folding screen

youzhihuyou's "smart Nana" thinks that Samsung's product obviously says: everyone is waiting for us to enlarge, so let's make a folding screen product? Please, is this screen so big? OK, then half off? OK, half done But this folding mode is not easy to use. Look at the aspect ratio Make do, make do

therefore, a practical problem is that the relevant technology of folding screen is not mature. The most critical part of folding screen is folding screen. Subject to the development of technology, the amount of mass production of folding screen is not large, the yield is not high, and there are other problems outside the screen, such as component upgrading, structure, software interaction design and so on. Many experienced users said that the wrinkle is particularly obvious (this is also mentioned by the author in the experience of Rouyu). It seems to be a common problem that the industry cannot avoid at present - Samsung is smart enough to fold inside, while the way that two small screens fold out like Huawei mate x is easy to leave obvious traces. After long-term use, we joked that will it stick when its fingers slide to the twists and turns of two small screens

whether the innovation fuse is loose is not achieved overnight.

for consumers who constantly pursue greater vision, there are still considerable market opportunities. As an iterative product of technological innovation, it also has its inevitable value. Sunyanbiao, President of leading edge research institute, said: "folding screen can mainly bring larger screen. In fact, consumers still have demand for this, so the market determines the emergence of folding screen. With the popularization and homogenization of comprehensive screen, the market also needs a new technology to iterate and update, and folding screen represents this latest form."

although there are still many compromises and trade-offs in the pursuit of portability and large screen experience, we should reach a consensus on one point - when an innovation point appears, even if it is difficult for us to achieve the ultimate, we can still see many beautiful scenery on the way to the ultimate that we could not see before

isn't the comprehensive screen such a road to the evolution of the technology industry? At the beginning of the concept of comprehensive screen, people pointed out that the front camera is invincible because of the existence of optical principle! But in just one year in 2018, we saw industrial products brought by black technology such as vivo nex, Xiaomi mix3, oppo R17 and Huawei nova. Maybe they are not mature enough, but we will see various attempts. Manufacturers have developed a series of new technologies and designs for them, and a series of products and experiences completely different from those now have been developed, Two years ago, can you imagine that it could be made into a hole in the screen

similarly, we can also expect that in three to five years, what will the folding look like

according to the extreme imagination of human beings, it should be as thin as paper, rolled up and put into your pocket. The ultra-thin flexible screen rolled up in that way will not care about the so-called upper limit in the sense of size. The world will be as big as you want. As long as it is defined according to the area you roll up, what's more, we can rely on AR to enlarge a strange technology that Lao Luo proposed on smartsian OS, which has a relatively stable market price of electrolytic aluminum - infinite desktop, and realize it on the whole presentation plane

there are still many problems to be solved in this process, but technology often does not progress slowly in one move. Many years ago, we thought that the Arabian Nights thing actually became a reality visible to the naked eye with the gradual and silent development of science and technology, so now we can say that flexibility is only a "formal debut"

therefore, the products seen by the outside world at present can only be said to be phased R & D achievements. It's more about amplifying the scientific and technological innovation value of companies and arousing the attention of gourd eaters on the world-class Oscar stage like MWC. If you're not a local tyrant without money, what configurations can you see the advantages and disadvantages of electronic universal experimental machine equipment? This wave of popularity can break up first. Keep looking forward to it and come in the future

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