Oracle expands AI and strengthens ERP cloud market

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Oracle expands artificial intelligence and strengthens the leadership of ERP cloud market

Beijing, China. On April 9, 2019, Oracle announced the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Oracle ERP cloud and Oracle EPM cloud. These latest technological innovations based on machine learning include expense reporting assistant, project management digital assistant, advanced financial control and project driven supply chain management

rondy ng, senior vice president of application development at Oracle, said: Oracle continues to fulfill its commitment to customers in financial innovation. We implement AI strategies through continuous product updates to ensure that customers quickly deploy our products and achieve immediate business results. This has helped the finance and operation teams stay at the forefront of technological development and maintain competitive advantages for a long time

at present, more than 6000 enterprises from 112 countries and 23 industries around the world have chosen Oracle ERP cloud to provide a comprehensive, innovative and safe financial platform. With Oracle ERP cloud, enterprises of all sizes can easily and quickly use AI, digital assistants, natural language processing (NLP) springs, which are the latest innovations in the fields of frequently used parts sing, blockchain, IOT, etc. in our daily life and work, so as to improve productivity, reduce costs Improve financial control

the latest technological innovation based on machine learning can help finance and operation teams free more time for strategic plans to promote enterprise development and improve the efficiency, accuracy and compliance performance of business processes. These innovations include:

· expense reporting assistant: the expense reporting assistant function can automatically generate, classify and match expense items, thereby simplifying the expense reporting process. Users can interact with the assistant through a powerful voice interface, or just send the invoice image to the assistant through email, SMS, slack or Microsoft teams. The assistant uses machine learning to improve the automatic classification of cost items, monitor violations, and reduce audit risks

· project management digital assistant: this technology updates the project status in real time through the digital assistant, and updates the time and task progress for users. The digital assistant can also autonomously learn the content, project planning data and context entered by users before, so as to customize the interaction and intelligently capture key project information

carbon fiber reinforced materials eliminate the limitations of these two technologies through 'target hybridization': it not only reduces the volume waste of materials generated by 3D printing components, but also advanced financial controls: this solution provides continuous analysis for transaction processing, setup and configuration, so as to automatically conduct audit and help prevent financial loopholes. The solution uses autonomous learning algorithms to check key configuration changes and transaction processing based on a validated rule base, which uses built-in algorithms such as fuzzy matching, exception detection, Benford analysis and clustering. This method uses data science and technology to guide events to analysts for tracking, investigation, settlement and other operations

· advanced access controls: this solution uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically conduct user security analysis and help enterprise data avoid threats and fraud from internal personnel. At the same time, through graphic analysis technology, it can accurately and reliably evaluate violations hidden in complex, recursive and dynamic security configuration. This technology includes a powerful configurable best practice data privacy and SOD rule base to continuously monitor users, functions, privileges, settings and transaction processing

· intelligent supplier management: Oracle datafox integration uses AI to capture and verify company data to supplement supplier information, and then scores and classifies suppliers. Through artificial intelligence technology, we extract dynamic supplier risk signals from media reports and manuscripts, and combine them with the company data sources in datafox. We have been responsible for 11 years, so as to automatically control supplier risks, identify high wind suppliers, and then recommend alternative suppliers

other innovations of Oracle ERP cloud based on machine learning previously released also include:

· intelligent payments can generate specific bids for the supplier based on supplier information and risk data, avoiding paying accounts payable in advance, so as to help enterprises reduce costs and establish a closer relationship with the best suppliers

· intelligent performance management can find imperceptible data rules, provide actionable situational insight at the right time, and help improve the quality and business impact of financial and operational decisions

· intelligent process automation automates human intensive tasks, allowing enterprises to reassign employees to more strategic and rewarding jobs

oracle ERP cloud was rated as the only leader in the Gartner release. At the same time, Oracle (Oracle ERP cloud) was also rated as a leader by Gartner and (ranked first for outstanding executive ability), and was also rated as a leader in 2018

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