Oracle announces that business intelligence tools

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Oracle announced that business intelligence tools can connect third-party data

October 26 international report on Tuesday, Oracle announced two middleware products designed to expand the fusion product line. From the process control of single 1 to the automation of all factories

Oracle showed webcentersuite and businessintelligencesuiteenterpriseedition10grelease3 on OpenWorld. Businessintelligencesuiteenterpriseedition10grelease3 will be released in the next 12 months, aiming to provide a close connection between Oracle applications and Their Fusion Middleware. Through the "hot plug" function, it can also connect to third-party data sources and systems

Oracle said that businessintelligencesuite also provides service-oriented architecture technology, scalable authentication, and enhanced support for third-party data sources such as IBM's DB2 and sqlserver. In his keynote speech at OpenWorld, Thomas, senior vice president of Oracle server technology, said that our new business intelligence analysis tool can analyze and solve problems

Oracle also announced a new component of Fusion Middleware - webcentersuite. The arbitration thickness of this type I and type II sample is 4mm. It is a standard based software, which enables users to develop their own Web2.0 application software. Without technology, they have no initiative to ask for various types of content. For example, WEBC address: room 509, building 5, Xinke international, Jintong Road, Yubei District, Chongqing. Enter allows users to integrate application software so that they can display information in a new way. WebCenter also supports wiki, VoIP services, and rssfeed

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