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Anti channeling, strong protection function of oral cosmetics packaging box

oral carton is a high-end cosmetics packaging box, which uses 300g/m2 glass paperboard, made of pure wood pulp, white background and white surface, and the surface is super calendered after sizing. What material can make a deep impression? Treatment, so that the surface of the paper is smooth and bright, using glass paperboard as raw material, highlighting the texture of cosmetics packaging box materials

the logo pattern in the center of the cover of the oral carton adopts silver embossing, and a 2cm double fold display board is erected at the socket on the front of the box, with photos printed on it, white words on the red background, and silver bronzing on the front, highlighting the characteristic effect of cosmetic packaging. On the right side of the box is printed a photo of cosmetics in high gloss, and the fine printed words on other sides are small, but clearly visible, revealing the quality of high-end cosmetics

Therefore, from the initial design to the production and supply of products

the carton structure is more close to the needs of China's textile fiber market. The upper part is folded and glued inward along the two swing covers, and the cosmetic bottle is loaded. The double swing wings push the cosmetic bottle to limit the position, prevent the movement, and effectively protect the cosmetics in the box

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