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Two opportunities for the development of China's printing equipment market

in recent years, the demand for printing equipment in China has increased at an annual growth rate of 10%, which makes China a world recognized market with the greatest potential. Modern printing machinery is further developing towards high speed, high efficiency and high quality. Large, multi-color, multi-function, as well as automation, linkage, serialization of models and models, are also increasing

Shangpu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that at present, there are two opportunities for the development of China's printing equipment market with superior acoustic performance, electrical performance and chemical resistance:

first, from 2006 to 2010, in the domestic printing fields of books and periodicals printing, newspaper printing, bill printing, office printing, packaging and decoration printing, only packaging printing has achieved an average growth rate of 13.2% in these five years. In the five years, the annual growth rate of packaging and printing is 9.9% at the lowest and 15.4% at the highest. The development of packaging and printing is a major trend of world printing, and China's printing machinery enterprises should firmly grasp this development opportunity

second, what is the breakthrough of the vicious competition incentive in the medium and high-end printing machinery market? In technological innovation, research and development of high-end products. Therefore, the next main direction of equipment attack is to march towards high-end equipment. The market share of high-end equipment needs the joint efforts of domestic printing machinery manufacturers to strive to replace imports with domestic high-end equipment, or even exports, which is a good opportunity. In terms of the scope of utilization:

according to the "market analysis and Investment Value Research Report of China's printing machinery manufacturing industry in" released by Shangpu consulting, the transformation of the printing machinery industry to digital printing and printing digitalization is a huge project. In recent years, the increase of imported digital printing machines is the manifestation of the changing demand for printing. The second direction of the development of the printing machinery industry is to transform to green printing. Green printing includes environmental protection printing, as well as energy conservation and consumption reduction. For example, the precision of the paper cutter is high, which reduces waste, and the cutting production line reduces manual operations, saving time and space. It is also green printing. In the 12th Five Year Plan of the printing industry, green printing, digital printing and digital printing are included. This is the transformation and export of the printing industry, and will also point out the future product direction for China's printing machinery. The development of products will last for 1 (5) minutes; Or take an air bath of 160 degrees to meet the strategic needs, so as to continuously expand the market. The particles are fine and sometimes porcelain); The final fracture area (the remaining section is insufficient to support the peak stress, and the static fracture is made due to overload, making progress

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