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The chemical industry in this area is developing disorderly! Ordered to rectify 10073

the disorderly development of the chemical industry in this region! The third environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee fed back supervision opinions to the Shandong provincial Party committee and the Shandong provincial government on December 26. The inspector pointed out that as of october31,2017, 8170 reports of environmental problems in Shandong assigned by the supervision team had been completed, 10073 were ordered to rectify, 1471 were punished, a total fine of more than 100 million yuan was imposed, 61 cases were filed for investigation, 76 people were detained, 1186 people were interviewed and 1268 people were held accountable

in order to implement the important decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on environmental protection supervision, from August 10 to September 10, 2017, the third environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee carried out environmental protection supervision in Shandong Province and formed supervision opinions

the inspector pointed out that the self-healing of electronic equipment and robots can be realized. The problem of emphasizing development and neglecting protection is more prominent in Shandong Province. The environmental problems caused by the industrial structure dominated by heavy chemical industry and the energy structure dominated by coal are still serious. There is still a big gap between the intensity and effectiveness of environmental protection and the requirements of the central government and the expectations of the masses. The main problems are as follows:

first, the implementation of national environmental protection decisions and arrangements is not in place. Some leading cadres' political standing is not high, and their consciousness and initiative in solving ecological and environmental problems are not enough. In, Shandong Province held 202 standing committees of the provincial Party committee, with 757 research topics and only 3 environmental protection topics. Some departments do not have a good understanding of their own environmental protection and think that they are "carrying the burden" for the environmental protection departments. In some places, the development of "path dependence" is serious, and they are used to "getting on the bus first, and then making up tickets" when starting projects and construction. They often require environmental protection to "give way", and implement relevant national decisions and arrangements to make choices and make adjustments

the disorderly development of the chemical industry in the province is prominent, a large number of projects are constructed in violation of regulations, and environmental pollution and risks are very prominent. The marine chemical industry park in shouguanghou Town, Weifang City, Lushan chemical industry park in Yishui, Linyi City and Binzhou Industrial Park have broken through the scope of the city's overall planning and constructed many chemical projects in violation of regulations

the problem of inaction and disorderly behavior is prominent. In 2014, Binzhou falsely reported the 2.44 million tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity that has not yet been built as the built capacity, issued false certificates, defrauded legal procedures, and concealed some illegal electrolytic aluminum production capacity under construction. As of the time of supervision, the illegal production capacity had been built

second, the key work of air pollution prevention and control was not fully implemented. The situation of atmospheric environment in Shandong Province is very serious. In 2016, the concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 ranked the fourth and fifth from the bottom of the country. Jinan ranked the ninth from the bottom among 74 key cities, and Dezhou and other cities that were not ranked in the rankings have even worse atmospheric environment quality

the "ten atmosphere regulations" clearly require that the construction of self provided coal-fired power stations is prohibited for new projects, but in recent years, the self provided coal-fired power stations in Shandong Province have shown a blowout growth. Shandong Province has a large number of coal-fired boilers in use, and the promotion of clean coal-fired substitution lags behind. A large number of small coal-fired boilers have imperfect pollution control facilities and prominent emission problems. In addition, the problem of exceeding the standard of vehicle diesel oil in gas stations occurs frequently

third, the marine environment and important ecological function areas are poorly protected. Since 2013, some municipal and county governments and land and resources departments in Shandong Province have also provided an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry. Without the approval of the Marine Department, they have illegally handled sea area land use procedures within the sea area. 51 good services rely on 2 powerful and beneficial teams, and a large number of sea areas have been illegally occupied

mine ecological protection lags behind. Since 2013, 1539 open-pit mines have been closed down in the province, covering an area of 128.7 square kilometers, of which 1329 have not completed the restoration and treatment of geological environment, covering an area of 113.1 square kilometers, accounting for 87.9% of the area of closed mines. In addition, the mariculture in some important coastal wetlands has not been cleared away effectively. There are 227 mariculture projects in Jincang National Wetland Park in Laizhou Bay. The part of the beach is almost occupied by aquaculture projects, and the end of the bolt should be slightly more prominent than the nut

fourth, some outstanding environmental problems need to be solved urgently. The domestic waste treatment capacity gap in the province exceeds 15000 tons/day, and 48 of the 80 domestic waste landfills are overloaded; Among the 37 domestic waste incineration plants, 10 are overloaded. The treatment capacity of landfill leachate is insufficient. At present, the temporary storage capacity of landfill leachate in the province is about 2.55 million tons, with prominent environmental hazards

the Supervisor requires that Shandong Province should focus on improving environmental quality, strengthen structural adjustment, and strictly control the total amount of coal consumption; Fight a tough battle of pollution prevention and control, pay close attention to the comprehensive renovation of chemical industry parks, and strengthen the pollution control of coastal waters; Strictly manage and supervise reclamation. It is necessary to strictly implement the party and government responsibilities for environmental protection and the two responsibilities for one post. It is necessary to seriously investigate the problems found in the supervision according to the law and regulations. It is necessary to instruct the relevant departments to further investigate, clarify and seriously hold accountable according to the relevant provisions

the inspector emphasized that the Shandong provincial Party committee and the Shandong provincial government should promptly study and formulate rectification plans and submit them to the State Council within 30 working days

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