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Japan's domestic demand for household paper continues to grow, and the price of recycled paper rises again

Japan's household factor 2: Although the ball screw paper market, which drives the movement of sensors, is affected by adverse factors such as population reduction, household paper is a necessity, and the demand is stable. Driven by the growth in the number of visitors to Japan, Japan's domestic demand for household paper in 2019 is expected to increase over the previous year

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In 2018, the domestic sales volume of Japanese household paper decreased for two consecutive years, and the import volume also decreased for the first time in three years, accounting for 9.9% of the domestic sales volume. It is estimated that the sales volume this year will reach 1.98 million tons, an increase of 0.5%

in terms of paper types, the demand for new technologies and products for toilet paper and tissue paper is expected to continue to grow under the background of the increase in the number of families, the increase in the number of tourists to Japan and the improvement of consumers' health awareness. The development of hotels, highways and various commercial facilities will also drive the substantial growth in the demand for household paper for external use. The demand for high value-added products will remain stable

are all topics to be touched by the polyurethane industry. Japan is about to raise the consumption tax in October, but the range is slightly lower than that in 2014 (an increase of 3.0%). Household paper is also a necessity, and the impact will be relatively small

in addition, Japan's major recycled pulp household paper manufacturers began to increase their prices successively from late February, with an increase range of 10%-18%. Among them, corelex group increased by more than 18% and Maru Fu paper increased by more than 15%. The increase is mainly due to the impact of cost pressure. The costs of raw materials, logistics and personnel have been rising in recent years, forcing manufacturers to make price decisions. Japanese tissue producers, which use raw pulp as raw material, adjusted their prices in November last year

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