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The five-year development plan (discussion draft) for China's rapid printing industry was issued. In particular, the five-year development plan (discussion draft) for the rapid printing industry in latex products countries was issued. In the next five years, the rapid printing industry should follow the 28 character "four modernizations" policy of "pre press network informatization; printing diversification and personalization; post press high-efficiency automation; and management scientific serialization". This is based on the general trend of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and the rapid development of printing in the world, which attracted many enterprises in China's printing industry, and in combination with China's specific national conditions, so as to adapt to the trend of global economic integration after China's entry into WTO

"diversified and personalized printing" is the core of development, "informatization of printing network" and "efficient automation after printing" are the key to development, "scientific serialization of management when the load can no longer rise" is the foundation of development

in order to ensure the concrete implementation of the 28 character "four modernizations" policy of rapid printing, the printing branch of China Printing Industry Association issued the five-year development plan for China's rapid printing industry from five aspects, with the theme of "developing rapid printing and promoting social progress". Five aspects include:

first, adapt to the rapid development of digital network economy and continuously promote the process of informatization

2. Adopt diversified schemes with outstanding personality to vigorously develop rapid printing

III. reform the inefficient and heavy manual operation mode and improve the post press automation level

IV. provide high-quality and efficient services around the construction of "e-government" of administrative organs

v. seek the optimal allocation of resources according to the special requirements of the development of the fast printing industry

the 28 character "four modernizations" policy for the development of the rapid printing industry covers all the contents of high-tech, intelligent, serialized and process oriented rapid printing, and reflects the characteristics and development requirements of rapid printing, which mainly focuses on the middle and low-end exports to developed countries. It is forward-looking, instructive, normative and operable. It can be concluded that in the next five years, under the guidance of the 28 word "four modernizations" policy, rapid printing will usher in a new era of rapid development through structural adjustment, technological progress, digital promotion and other measures

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