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Ningcheng county carried out pre packaged food inspection. Three illegal enterprises were investigated and punished.

[ppzhan Abstract] standardizing the outer packaging standards of pre packaged food and attaching nutrition labels are an important measure to ensure food safety. Recently, the quality supervision department of Ningcheng County in Inner Mongolia inspected the prepackaged food, and three illegal enterprises were investigated and punished

recently, the quality supervision department of Ningcheng County, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia ordered three illegal enterprises to rectify within a time limit and stop their illegal activities during the market inspection

during the inspection, it is found that the vast majority of food enterprises can seriously comply with the regulations, Among them, three enterprises failed to comply with the regulations. "We support them in how to verify and legally add nutrition labels to product packages. The quality supervision department ordered them to rectify within a time limit, stop illegal acts, and destroy packages that do not meet the requirements, so as to effectively protect consumers' right to know about food nutrition information and their right to choose products. Pre packaged food refers to food that is pre quantitatively packaged or made in packaging materials and containers.

The nutrition standard for prepackaged food, such as the general rules for the signing of wedge clamp, has been officially implemented since January 1st, 2013. Ningcheng county has recently carried out inspection and standard guidance for food production enterprises. This inspection covers all enterprises that have obtained food production licenses within the jurisdiction, focusing on whether the pre packaged food is labeled with nutrition labels, whether the contents of nutrition labels are standardized, comprehensive and correct, and whether the labeling values are reliable and based

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