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In 2009, the dispatching timeliness rate of the 95590 call center of Dadi insurance reached 99%

. According to statistics, the annual connection rate reached 98%, the dispatch timeliness rate reached 99%, and the man hour utilization rate of seats reached 71.31%, an increase of 8 percentage points year-on-year

in the past year, according to the needs of customers, the special line has made bold innovations in the three basic businesses of receiving reports, consulting and dispatching, so as to improve the service efficiency. First, with the service specification and timeliness requirements of the dispatching post as the core, strengthen the management of the special line dispatching at the same level and the whole system dispatching. The nighttime first-class dispatching timeliness rate of the special line, the Shanghai dispatching and the double generation dispatching timeliness rate all reach 99, and the flow range can reach more than 30 ~ 300 g/s%; For 4, the load value of the measurement and control system when it first enters the experimental interface each time should be near zero point (without zero adjustment). 6 dispatching centers implement weekend and holiday dispatching, so as to solve the problem of insufficient dispatching manpower in some organizations. Second, it has set up different levels of consulting services at the beginning, middle and high levels to reasonably solve the consulting of various customers at different levels, which has improved the one-way solution rate; Establish a team of "part-time consulting experts" to effectively improve the ability and efficiency of solving difficult customer consulting problems. Third, distinguish between on-site and off-site cases, and highlight the rapid handling of on-site cases; Distinguish the identity of the reporter and use the risk prompt script to improve the pertinence of customer service; Through the universal use of three-way call function, the efficiency of solving dialect problems is effectively improved

at the same time, a lot of work has been done in employee training and internal management. First, carry out continuous training to broaden the horizons of management personnel and improve the skills of seat personnel. Employ top experts of the call center for professional management training; Arrange seating personnel to observe and study in Shanghai survey and loss assessment center in batches to familiarize themselves with the process and enhance on-site experience; Carry out sharing activities of internal staff management courses in the special line to increase the learning atmosphere of the team. Second, strengthen internal management, strengthen the assessment of district managers and seats, and implement management indicators to districts and business indicators to individuals; Carry out excellent team evaluation, establish a mobile red flag system, and establish a post model selection system. China Insurance · China Insurance News

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