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The dispute between new luxury blue glass and gorilla glass

recently, blue glass (sapphire glass) seems to have become a new favorite in the industry. We can already find the figure of blue glass on some watches and luxury, which exists as a screen protection. Since the iPhone 5, Apple has gradually equipped the camera and 5S fingerprint recognizer with blue glass. The former can enhance scratch resistance and permeability, while the latter mainly strengthens the protection of fingerprint recognition sensors. Recently, it was reported that Apple was investing in the production of sapphire glass. Apple CEO cook personally admitted that he was indeed developing new blue glass materials or used for the new generation iPhone or the rumored Iwatch

big manufacturers like apple are looking for new materials. We should think that sapphire glass will be adopted by high-end products because of its outstanding advantages. Is that true? How does Corning gorilla glass, which is used more as screen saver and camera protection, compare with blue glass? Next, let's look at a few questions

what is blue glass

at first glance, I thought sapphire glass was a luxury reaching the diamond level. In fact, the sapphire mine is not just a big trading platform. Its name is corundum. It is a very hard material, optically transparent, and generally looks like glass or diamond. Blue glass (sapphire glass) is the finished glass based on sapphire crystal

camera protection is often used when the display made of

sapphire glass is blue

sapphire has many forms, one of which is often said to be a gem. In fact, sapphire has many colors, including yellow, pink, orange, green and red. Red sapphire is often called ruby, and the more common sapphire is blue. Sapphires show different colors because of the impurities in them. Sapphires contain iron, titanium, chromium, copper, magnesium and other metals, which make them show different colors. The sapphire crystal used in the manufacture of display screen is purified and has very high purity, so it has no color

sapphire glass purpose

the most common use of sapphire glass is to produce exceptionally strong and scratch resistant lenses or watch mirrors. Rolex watch mirror is a very thick layer of sapphire glass. The home key of Apple iPhone 5S and touchid fingerprint sensor are also covered with Laser Cut Sapphire glass lens

iphone 5S fingerprint recognizer is also equipped with sapphire glass

now some high-end intelligent devices have adopted sapphire glass display screens. For example, the hand-made Vertu ti is equipped with a 3.7-inch sapphire glass display screen. However, at present, the production cost of sapphire glass screen is relatively high, and the yield is not high. How to solve these problems is the premise for large-scale application of sapphire glass

what are the advantages of sapphire over gorilla glass

the hardness of sapphire (which should be emphasized here) is certainly higher than that of any kind of glass. Compared with gorilla glass, its hardness is higher, and its scratch resistance is far better. For the protective lens of display screen and camera, scratch resistance is very important. The Mohs hardness of sapphire (the standard used by the industry to measure the hardness of materials, we can search by ourselves) will reach 9. At present, the fatigue testing machines produced by Shandong Star High Tech mainly include: elastic element fatigue life testing machine, PWS series microcomputer servo spring fatigue testing machine, copper tube pulse fatigue life testing machine, etc. welcome to call us for consultation! (quartz) hardness is 7, and gorilla glass is in 5. Generally speaking, the hardness of talc is 1 Mohs and that of diamond is 10 Mohs. Glass is generally 5.5 to 7 Mohs, so the hardness of sapphire is only lower than that of the hardest diamond in nature

hardness of common minerals

the Morse hardness of the third generation of gorillas is not given in the official data of Corning, but it is certainly less than 9. After all, the main component of gorilla glass is quartz (SiO2), because the glass also contains other components that help to fuse and adjust the structure. In terms of fully mobilizing the ability of human self-healing, the structure is more loose and disordered than that of quartz crystal, Its hardness must be smaller than that of quartz crystal theoretically

generally, indoor dust is mostly fiber debris of fabrics such as clothes, which can not scratch the screen at all, while outdoor dust contains minerals such as quartz, so it is inevitable that some particles with high hardness will stick to the screen, and the screen will be scratched by friction. Here, we can see the advantages of sapphire. There are few minerals harder than sapphire, so the possibility of being scratched becomes very small. As for glass, it is easy to be scratched

what are the disadvantages of sapphire

although sapphire is superior to Corning gorilla glass in hardness, gorilla glass has reached the third generation, with excellent impact resistance and scratch resistance. In addition, the display screen made of gorilla glass is often very thin. Corning's internal tests show that gorilla glass is more difficult to crack than sapphire under simulated use conditions

sapphire is weak in compression and impact resistance

Corning has made two tests to prove that gorilla glass is more compression and impact resistant than sapphire, which means that gorilla glass is not easy to break when encountering external impact

who is more suitable for screen saver, sapphire or gorilla glass

at this stage, Corning gorilla glass may be more suitable. Leading: the possibility of fragmentation is small, and the mechanical performance of gorilla is very good. In contrast, sapphire is quite brittle, and it is more likely to crack than glass. Of course, later sapphire changes its relatively brittle properties by adding a series of materials. Second: Although the hardness of gorilla is not as good as sapphire, the hardness of gorilla is still high in the face of most substances encountered in 120 building sealing materials. Moreover, through the treatment of special materials, the scratches on gorilla glass are small and not obvious

third, this is also the most important issue, that is, mass production and cost. The continuous production line of gorilla glass is very mature. In contrast, sapphire production is more difficult and costly, and the production speed is slow. Corning said that the manufacturing cost of sapphire glass display is more than 10 times that of Corning gorilla glass. If Apple wants to apply sapphire glass to the next generation iPhone screen, it needs more investment in research and development. It is also a top priority to solve the compression and impact resistance of sapphire, reduce production costs and improve mass production capacity

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