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High protection level bus module distributed i/o system is quite applicable

it is not only a switch signal installed on the site. Distributed i/o modular bus system has always been the development of automation field. 4. Organize exchange activities with government units and other XPS related industry associations; Trends. It is more and more widely used in the field bus PROFIBUS protocol. The goal of PROFIBUS protocol Organization (PNO) is to double the number of PROFIBUS application cases to 20million by the end of 2007. In 2004, the number of PROFIBUS application cases increased by 2.6 million, an increase of 30% compared with 2003. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the sales of relevant components. The problem we are facing now is how to integrate distributed peripherals

many suppliers provide IP20 bus products, which are widely used in the industrial control field. The low protection level only saves the engineering cost, while the high protection level of modules and connectors and the self diagnosis function of channels can greatly improve your control system

at present, we can easily install the module on the equipment. Although this can reduce the length of the signal line from the sensor to the module, it can not reduce the workload such as threading the sensor cable through the tube. What is more terrible is that the reverse polarity will cause damage to the system

when the signal points are increased, the bus nodes also need to be increased, and the new signal lines need to pass through the previously laid conduits, which is an inconvenience caused by the low protection level. The high protection level of IP67 gives us greater installation flexibility and reflects more powerful performance. Therefore, high-performance bus system should be the first choice for integrated automation

only high-performance bus system is suitable for distributed automatic control

Turck is a full range of suppliers in the industrial control industry. Its sensors, encoders, connectors, fieldbus and other products constitute a pyramid supply chain. In recent years, bus products have become more and more important in this pyramid, and the growth rate of bus products has exceeded the average level

in the next year, the sales of bus products with high protection level will account for 15%, in which IP67 bus products play an important role. The development goal of IP67 is to make up for the deficiency of IP20 products with its flexible installation and high-quality connectors

based on the compact design, the width of the expansion module is only 32mm. This design saves a lot of space in the installation of the module and is convenient for installation on mechanical equipment and production lines. In this regard, woodworking machinery and die-casting are good application cases. These two applications also need higher performance of distributed i/o system to distinguish different signal types

applicability is the development trend

under the IP67 protection level, the problems of humidity and dust have been well protected, making the bus system can be used in worse environments

the fieldbus used on the machine tool needs to withstand the invasion of humid environment, such as white lotion of drilling machine or splashing oily liquid. The application customers in this field will be the followers of high protection level i/o

ip67 is of high protection grade, so that the bus module no longer needs to be installed in the control cabinet, and the bus module installed on the site no longer needs a protective box. At the same time, the wiring method of threading pipes will also be replaced by high-quality pre cast cables. These are the inevitable trends caused by the shortcomings of low protection level

engineering and maintenance

for two different bus systems, it is not only the strong anti-interference ability of the system, but also the comparison of hardware cost and functional characteristics. The service life of the whole system should also be taken into account. Turck provides customers with a free type selection and testing software i/o-assistant, which can provide effective help for customers

when using fieldbus, it is first necessary to establish a control station according to the number of distributed i/o points. At this time, it is necessary to use i/o-assistant software for configuration. This software can be used for this work conveniently

the software saves time and effort. When the workstation is configured, relevant data such as overall dimensions, performance parameters, model and product number will generate corresponding lists. This software can calculate the maximum input and output current of the entire workstation based on theoretical data, such as the input and output current of each electronic module. Scientists have also developed a series of graphene based energy storage materials

the user can also determine whether it is necessary to increase the auxiliary power supply according to these data. At the same time, the personal computer can also be connected with the BL67 to conduct analog monitoring simulation for all i/o points of the workstation. This artificial simulation test can also detect each input and output point

the test of this software detects the actual operation status in advance, which can reduce a considerable number of on-site faults and ensure that the Profibus master station and PLC can normally collect sensor signals in practical applications

system composition

i/o bus system includes shutdown and expansion modules. At the head of each station, it is responsible for bus communication. Here, the switch is used to connect the PLC and the distributed i/oi/o module. At the same time, it can convert i/o data into data types that support bus protocols such as PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet and CANopen. The Ethernet gateway supports third-party protocols and can meet more requirements, such as Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO and Ethernet IP. This increases the applicability of bus products

although the BL67 host has strong applicability by electromechanical, it also changes different models according to different PLC manufacturers. During configuration, select different GSD and EDS files according to different bus protocols. The field bus adopts cables with protection grade of IP67. The i/o channel of BL67 product has 4-pin M12 connector pre cast cable, and the protection grade also reaches IP67. At the same time, it reduces the field wiring time and labor consumption, and is more firm and convenient

modules can be hot swapped and expanded

in order to meet the requirements of practical applications, modules can be expanded as required after being closed. The expansion module is independent of the backplane, but it can be fixed with the backplane and connected with the relevant

the backplane module has M8, M12, M23 and 7/8 pin connections, which can be freely combined with the electronic module. When the module needs to be replaced with the same model, the backplane does not need to be changed and supports hot plug. When the electronic module is unplugged, two mechanical identification codes are left on the backplane to prevent errors when replacing the module. In addition, the input module also provides PNP and NPN input modes, which are very similar

the independent module with high protection level also has the functions of point diagnosis and point protection, such as input and output open circuit, short circuit, etc. At the same time, the input and output channels of the module are freely configured, which makes the module more flexible and practical. In short, the above functions make Turk bus products more competitive. For analog input and output modules, we provide analog modules such as 0/4 20mA current, -10/0 10V voltage, thermocouple and platinum nickel sensor. The special function module can also convert RS232, rs485/422 and other special protocols into standard bus protocol data

on the other hand, the power supply is also a very important part of a bus system. The power supply to the bus is limited by the current, and the maximum instantaneous peak current of the power supply is 4a, which limits the IO points of the workstation. Now we use the power module to supply power to the distributed i/o in groups to solve the problem of power off

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