Twelve constellations' taste for decoration

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Twelve constellations' taste for decoration

Pisces' home taste: the hopelessly romantic Pisces' longing for home actually comes from a narcissistic complex, so Pisces won't have too many interesting oriented furniture like candlesticks, murals or exquisite cameras

Pisces decorator: fantasy space magician, showing exotic style everywhere

speed matching bed: paper fiber modeling bed

Aquarius' home taste: irregular timing and positioning is one of the characteristics of Aquarius. For them, home is sometimes just a place to sleep. Sofa beds that can be moved or adjusted freely can best meet their casual attitude

Aquarius decorator: eccentric elves are creative and never stop talking.

speed matching bed: hand forged iron bed, beautiful back cabinet folding bed, sitting and lying dual-purpose leisure bed

Capricorn's home taste: Capricorn, who tends to be workaholic, sometimes has another workstation at home. A large desk thick enough to be used for office is definitely their priority furniture

Capricorn decorator: fangzhengzhong should bring harmony, and know how to be flexible when choosing the right one.

speed matching bed: beautiful back cabinet folding bed, sitting and lying dual-purpose leisure bed, multi-functional children's bed group

Sagittarius' home taste: curious Sagittarius, willing to accept new things, and the curtain or sofa cover can best show the changes of indoor seasons. Although Sagittarius is not so interested in decorating his home, changing the curtains is not an obstacle

Sagittarius decorator: wear resistant furniture should be banned, and air conditioning is essential.

speed matching bed: manual wrought iron, electric bed

Scorpio's home taste: Scorpios are born with a fatal attraction. It is said that even "falling in love is lying down". You can imagine the importance of bed to them. Therefore, romantic's big bed can best catch Scorpio

Scorpio decorator: the decoration is unique and self-evident

speed matching bed: Neoclassical leather bed, electric bed, modern modeling bed

Libra's home taste: in order to make the clothes bought by the beautiful Libra have a home, the storage function of the wardrobe is the design that Libra cares about most. At the same time, there are many sundries when weighing, and a good storage system is really needed

Libra decorator: no doubt about taste





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