Must not have 8 kinds of decoration mentality

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For many novices in decoration, it is easy to have some imitation psychology because they don't understand anything when decorating. For example, imitating others' decoration cases, decoration style or pattern design, etc. do not have their own ideas. After the real decoration effect comes out, they find that it is not in line with their own bedroom at all. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will teach you the decoration psychology that you must not have in decoration

I: painting gourd mentality

many first-time decoration owners will have an imitation mentality when they see other people's decoration effect drawings and feel very good. But they don't know whether such decoration effect is suitable for them. It's too late to regret at that time

some owners brought carpenters from decoration companies to help them choose furniture in order to save money. This behavior is not to let the carpenter help buy furniture, but to let the carpenter help copy those furniture with tens of thousands of yuan

second: "big" company mentality

the most obvious thing we believe in is the so-called "big" company. The decoration industry is a labor-intensive industry, and the threshold is very low. Last year, there were more than 17000 decoration companies, and the company with the highest annual turnover was only more than 600million yuan. Compared with many other industries, the "big" companies of decoration companies are only relatively speaking. So we have never seen a big company that can afford to rent a first-class office building, or a boss who drives a BMW or Mercedes Benz to work and lives in a top apartment and villa

III: keep an eye on the price

let's replay from the most typical example: when decorating, it's better to choose a decoration company. On average, before determining the decoration company, the decorator of each household will generally ask 2-5 decoration companies to make a budget at the same time, whichever has a low budget. In fact, according to common sense, we can know that nowadays, decoration is almost all manual work, so the unit time cost of each type of work is the same. Although the total operation and management cost of small companies is low, the proportion allocated to each decoration case is similar to that of large companies. How can they make a much lower budget than large companies

where do their profits come from? It's nothing more than reducing the process, shoddy, false as true, withholding wages, adding budgets, tax evasion and other practices, and the popularity of this practice is precisely caused by the mentality of decorators. If decorators can be calm, believe in fair prices, and do not believe in the so-called price miracle, the trouble will be much less. Just like before, stay away from scams such as "winning by SMS" and "closing the auction"

4: self righteous attitude adds trouble

the strangest thing is that those owners who have decoration experience but don't understand it will suffer the most. Owners who are interested in building materials business are very good at materials, so they are determined to choose materials

for the balcony of a high-rise building, the owner should pay attention to the protection of the balcony when decorating, and try to use less heavy stone to pave the floor, so the designer used general floor tiles, but the owner used heavy marble in order to pursue "beauty", and used a lot of cement mortar in order to bond firmly, which increased the load of the balcony





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