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If you decorate the house by yourself, you may know it well, but if you ask the decoration company to decorate it, it will always exceed the budget when it comes to the settlement stage. So how to calculate the decoration accounting? What are the tips

step 1: see if there are additional projects

it is necessary to review yourself first. Is there any project that can't stand the hard and soft work of the construction team and adds some projects beyond the budget? Many homeowners will listen to the experience of the builders and continue to increase the projects that were not planned in the process of construction, resulting in exceeding the budget in the end

step 2: check whether the decoration company has additional funds

after reviewing, you need to check whether the decoration company has added projects without your consent during the construction process, or added projects without construction to the budget. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. Now there are a variety of decoration companies, so we have to guard against them. Of course, choosing a decoration company with integrity is the premise

Step 3: compare with the price in the contract

see if there is any double counting in the contract. For example, you bought your own paint, but you still paid the paint money to the decoration company in the budget? In order to make more money, some decoration companies secretly add the items you have already paid for to many undetected projects

Step 4: calculate the decoration area

have you carefully measured the area of all construction projects yourself? You know, even if you keep the price low before decoration, the construction team has a way to quietly add back the money in the budget. The way is to do something about the quantity of work. Decoration is calculated according to the practical area rather than the building area. When accounting, it should be checked whether the decoration company adopts the building area or the decoration area





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