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The training session for Italian home manufacturers focused on defining the new situation of imported furniture. Through exchanges and mutual trust with brand manufacturers, he provided professional and honest imported furniture services for users at home and abroad

adhering to the characteristics of promoting exchanges and interoperability, the training sessions for Italian home manufacturers are held in Milan, the design capital, on a regular basis. Since its inception, 14 sessions have been successfully held, sharing the development status and broad development prospects of Italian home for different brand suppliers

as an international high-end home furnishing platform, Italian home aims to provide global customers with high-quality high-end furniture and comprehensive supporting services, including furniture selection, valuation, packaging, distribution, and final assembly. The whole company makes every effort to constantly confirm the product quality and customer needs, and strives to provide professional and high-quality furniture products for domestic users

this time, the training meeting for Italian home manufacturers is just for the sake of long-term development, in order to further promote the relationship and cooperation between Italian home and brand partners. During the general meeting, the staff will introduce the business model of the whole platform of Italian house to the participants: for example, providing personalized consultation on high-end furniture materials, styles and other aspects for global customers. After the user places an order, Italian house will cooperate with the brand and suppliers, and ensure the quality and timeliness of product delivery through professional logistics team and installation after-sales team

nowadays, with the development of enterprises, Italian house plays a more and more profound role in the international interior design market, which has been recognized by more and more investors. The wide recognition of Italian home can not be achieved without the efforts of all employees and efficient cooperation with brand partners. Finally, the training session for the Italian home manufacturers' entry is a routine question and answer session. The staff further explained the technology and in-depth explanation with the participants, hoping that more and more suppliers can join the Italian home family





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