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After the double 11, which was in full swing, finally ushered in a dense receiving tide. This time may be an exciting time for the losers. Looking at the booty delivered to their hands one by one, the feeling of achievement is self-evident. Xiaobian also bought a lot of things on the double 11, but compared with her best friend Doudou, Doudou is a household expert and was decorating some time ago. She basically purchased a full set of furniture supplies on the double 11, not to mention, it's really good. Come and watch

Doudou likes simple style space design, and has always been a hobby for home design. The main practical activity is to take care of her home all day, and all kinds of decoration and designs are mostly from her accidental ideas. After hard decoration, she began to read furniture online. Of course, no matter how good-looking furniture is, it must be based on environmental protection. No matter how satisfied it is, it will not hesitate to give up. Doudou is still very principled

the furniture that Doudou likes are basically well-known brands. After joining the shopping cart early, he is eager to wait for the early morning of double 11. A few days later, the sofa she bought online has arrived. After reading it, people really admire her eyes:

one of the spoils of the double 11

Lin's wood industry modern four bucket cabinet five bucket cabinet storage cabinet

style positioning: quality luxury

design elements: log

bucket number: 5 bucket

furniture structure: frame structure

wood material: rubber wood

applicable object: Adults

this storage cabinet is made of solid wood, with an elegant shape. This storage cabinet is very suitable as a porch cabinet or bedroom storage cabinet, and the storage space is also very huge. If you are also a solid wood enthusiast, you can also choose this locker

the second trophy of the double 11,

Lin's wood industry simple modern panel bed

brand: Lin's wood industry

is it pre-sale: Yes

design elements: master design

size: 1500mm*2000mm 1800mm*2000mm

material: density board/fiberboard

style: simple modern

black and white color contrast design, pursue individuality but not make public, and simple but not simple mood adds a touch of fashion and maturity to your living room.Color of

the third trophy of the double 11 Festival,

Quanyou furniture first layer cow leather sofa

sofa combination form: L-shaped

leather finish range: contact face leather

whether there is storage space: Yes

filler: sponge

leather material: first layer cow leather

style: simple and modern

this leather sofa has fine workmanship, adjustable backrest design, free angle adjustment, and enjoys extraordinary quality. There is a practical armrest cabinet on the side, A cup of coffee is beside you, and you can put some articles such as newspapers and magazines for easy reading

the fourth trophy of the double 11 Festival,

Quanyou furniture bedroom modern simple four door wardrobe

opening and closing method: side hung door style: simple modern

number of doors: 4

whether to assemble: assemble

the designer fully expands the storage capacity of the wardrobe from the needs of customers, and the storage space in the wardrobe is spacious. This wardrobe not only has large space, but also is designed according to the family storage habits, with reasonable zoning and practical functions

the fifth trophy of the double 11,

Lafite Manny European TV cabinet

style positioning: quality luxury

design elements: Carved Silver Foil master design

height: 600mm and below

paint process: spray painting

paint gloss: matte

style: European

additional functions: storage

furniture structure: frame structure

this TV cabinet looks very elegant and can bring elegance to the living room, The simple and light color line creates a romantic interest. The price of this product during the Double Ninth Festival is lower than the current price, and Doudou's purchase is also worth it

generally speaking, the furniture bought by Doudou is quite good in both brand and quality. On the whole, it also saves a lot of money during the double 11





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